Get Packed Mobile Phone App

New Get Packed Mobile Phone Application 

Get Packed has developed a mobile phone application that will work on both Apple iPhone’s and Android smart phones.

The application is a simple tool to allow you to do the following:

1.  Easily contact Get Packed Pty Ltd directly without having to search through your contacts,
2.  Quickly contact Get Packed Pty Ltd via email and send your orders directly form you iphone.
3.  Find the Get Packed Pty Ltd website without having to search Google.

4.  Link to our blog, facebook and other social media do get the latest packaging news and company specials

Overall, the application has been designed to help you connect with Get Packed Pty Ltd so that if you have any questions or ideas you would like to discuss you can quickly contact Get Packed Pty Ltd.

To install the application please see the following steps

1. If you have an Android phone (this step does not apply to Apple phones I believe) go into your phone settings and temporarily change the security settings to allow the installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store - after you have finished remember to change this setting back
2. Go to the following link on your computer.

3. Scroll down the page until you see the green bar called Share App (on the right hand side of the screen),
4. Enter your mobile phone number in the box above the green bar and then press Share App,
5. Go to your phone and open the SMS message that says "Here's an app about Get Packed Pty Ltd ",
6. On your phone from the message you just opened click on the link (so click on the link on your phone),
7. Select Open URL and then select install our app (this step may be different for Apple phones),
8. You then have to find where the app was downloaded on your phone and select install (note some phones may have security settings that block the app so you need to be aware of this,  for Android phones see point one above),
9. The app should then install and you can open the app right away or go to your Apps list to find where the App is located on your phone,
10. The App will have the red logo for Get Packed Pty Ltd.


GP_Logo35_35_3.jpg  New Get Packed App logo

Note the actual steps may differ due to your phones individual settings or the version of your phones operating system (particularly from step 7 onwards). 


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