Get Packed's Packaging News Financial Year Wrap Up

We’ve looked at all the articles we’ve written on our website over the last financial year and there are a few themes that are showing up.

  • How to reconsider plastic packaging and what the choices and alternatives are
  • How has the entry of Amazon and other online market places affected the way you package your goods for sale
  • With the exponential growth of on-line sales there’s been a greater emphasis on protective packaging and how packaging can speak for your brand
  • Then there’s the usual interest in doing things better and faster. Eg-  do I need a strapping machine vs strapping manually? what Glue Gun works best for me?

These articles have been written in response to our customers questioning and general queries in the packaging market. We’ve determined that our customers are interested in becoming more environmentally friendly when it comes to their packaging. So our customers are interested in recycled content and degradabilityas well as functionality and maintaining their brand. Below are some of our most popular articles that address your interests this financial year and if you follow the links you will find further links to products that may address your particular interests.

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