May 2018 Newsletter - Don't miss out on your $20,000 tax rebate!

Purchase a Packaging Machine and get $20,000 Tax Rebate


Don't Miss out - get organised now so you can
claim your $20,000 this year!

Did you know the Government has extended the Instant Asset Write-Off for another year?
So take advantage of it as it applies to both new and second hand asset purchases - including packaging machines.... and you can claim it more than once! At Get Packed we can assist with both so give us a call to see what we can do to help yousave $20,000 now.

Click here to read more from Get Packed - or get it straight from the ATO.




 Strapping Machines  

We've got Semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines as well as battery operated strapping tools. Peruse the range now to see what we have that you can make a claim on now.


Pallet Wrapping Machines

We have pallet wrappers to suit a range of budgets, as well machinery that assists in wrapping pallets like an electronic turntable, pallet lift elevator, manual wrappers, even robotic wrapping machines. Call now.



Carton Sealers / Box Taping Machines

Do you find yourself having to employ someone just to tape boxes? Save yourself a whole lot of money (and claim your tax write-off in weeks) and make your business more efficient by considering a carton sealing machine.


Automatic Taping Machines for High Speed Applications         
View the video below. The Automatic Taping Machines are ideal for printers. They come in a range of sizes and widths and extra taping heads are available to suit different application requirements. Talk to one of the staff about what would best suit your needs.


Have a read of some of our articles. They may help you decide on packaging machinery that you can make claims on as well as why they're worth the money.
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