Notice of Price Rises

Over the last 12 months Get Packed has been advised of numerous price rises across the board, and like our suppliers we have tried to keep our prices as stable as possible, however covering these have become unsustainable and we've had no choice to pass these on. The cause is primarily due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

How has Covid19 caused an increase in costs?

  • With lockdowns around the world, not only in cities but across borders, capacity of production has been impacted and so as a result supply of some items has been restricted causing prices to rise.
  • The issue with shipping and logistics across the globe has been well documented. There are simply not as many ships moving goods across the globe, and not as many planes flying either - so the cost of moving goods around the world has skyrocked, with some freight costs not only doubling, but tripling - adding to the price of goods.
  • There has been a shortage of polymers (plastic resins) resulting in some having to source new suppliers in order to obtain it. Once again a shortage of supply means an increase in cost.

We have been advised by our suppliers of an increase of costs in some products anywhere from 3-8%, and not just once, but almost quarterly - which can means as much as a 15-25% in some cases - which unfortunately we have had to pass on to the prices of some of our goods. We hope in future, when prices re-stabilise that a reduction in costs will mean we can reduce our prices too.


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