Packaging for Sustainability

Have you ever wondered about doing your bit for the environment through packaging sustainably? Increasingly there is a higher demand from the commercial operating environment to be more environmentally friendly in their products as well as the packaging those products are in.
Here at Get Packed we are regularly questioned about packaging being bio-degradable and where the items were sourced. How a business now responds to this ever growing demand should be embeddded within it's corporate strategy, but how is that actually done?
'Packaging For Sustainability' is a book that is dedicated to just that question and allows you to consider the business case put forward - through case studies -  for investing in packaging for sustainability and setting goals and targets for packaging's contribution to a business's more general sustainable developement goals. Amongst many consideration's the book looks at Corporate and Brand Positioning, Supply Chain Requirements, Solid Waste Reduction, Resource Efficiency and Climate Change - and their complex interactions between products, their packaging and the many roles that packaging plays in the supply chain.
For more information follow this link to Packaging for Sustainability.

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