Run Out Sale of SuperDots - Glue Dots

We are running out the last of our Super Dot Glue Dots and have heavily discounted them so we can move onto our new and the original branded 

We have a only a few of each of the rolls left:

As at mid Feb 2017 we have:

  • 3 rolls of Mid Tak Dispenser Super Dots (rolls of 1200 that go with a glue dot dispenser gun)
  • 3 rolls of Easy Tak Super Dots (box of 5000 dots)
  • 10 rolls of Removable Vertical Hold Super Dots (box of 5000 dots)
  • 1 roll of Mid Tak Large Super Dots that are 18mm diameter (box of 2000 dots)
  • 14 Isolator and Stand sets - ONE SET FREE WITH EACH ORDER OF GLUE DOT BOXES.

So if you're interested in taking advantage of this last minute run out sale - then simply click on this link: Super Dots and purchase online now.

If there are different tacks or different profiles you're after then please click on the link for our new brand - Glue Dots

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