Acribond Acrylic Foam Tapes

Acribond VST High Strength Acrylic Foam Tape has, over the last 11 years, proven to be a reliable and dependable bonding solution across a range of industries.

Acribond has been rigorously tested by the C.S.I.R.O. and has been approved by industry leading companies, such as, Alucobond for the composite panel market, Volvo and Volkswagon in the automotive industry, and ThyssenKrupp for use in their elevators.

Acribond has been a vital component of many construction projects across Australia, in all states and territories. Some of those jobs can be viewed in our online gallery. From Automotive and White Goods manufacture, to composite panel bonding and sign and display, you'll find an Acribond VST Tape to suit you.

There are so many reasons why you should replace your rivets, screws, welding or liquid adhesives with the convenient and cost effective Acribond VST Acrylic Foam Tapes. We trust this website will show you some of the areas and ideas that already exist, and inspire further exciting possibilities.

Acribond Acrylic Foam Tapes offer excellent weathering and ageing properties, good high and low temperature resistance, and very high performance adhesion. The majority of our Acribond tapes are manufactured in a way that the acrylic adhesive, and the acrylic foam carrier are one. This offers superior cohesive properties, and excellent elongation and cushioning properties. With the adhesive being integrated into the foam, maximum adhesion can be maintained when the tape is being applied to a radius or to an irregular surface. Tape Construction. Acribond Tapes are made from viscoelastic copolymers and polymers, some with a filler comprising of glass microspheres. The products are extruded and the curing process is by ultra violet lights. Very thin foams can be produced from 0.25mm thick up to 3mm thick using the same process. The foam is naturally tacky and has good adhesive properties. Certain grades have an additional adhesive coating. Acribond Acrylic Foam Tapes are available in clear, white, grey and dark grey. We offer paper and poly liners. Which tape to use? To determine the correct Acribond Acrylic Foam Tape for a specific application, many factors need to be considered, such as: •What are the materials that need to be joined, or bonded to? •How heavy is the product? •Is the application exposed to sunlight, UV, solvents, moisture, high or low temperatures? •Is the application subject to movement or other environmental conditions or stresses? •Will the application experience expansion and contraction? •Are the substrates painted, coated or have a mould release? •Id the product to be used immediately, or is there good dwell time? •What are the budgetting constraints? •Will the tape need to be removed?

Acribond Features and Benefits Some of the many outstanding features of Acribond Acrylic Foam Tapes are:

•They provide invisible fixing and bonding. •Aesthetic enhancement of products, with no screw heads or rivets.

•Resilient performance in all weather conditions. •Bonding to a wide variety of substrates and surfaces.

•Excellent load bearing and performance capabilities.

•Load and stress are distributed across the plane of the bond.

•There are no stress points that arise with mechanical fixings.

•Helps prevent metal fatigue and mechanical degradation.

•Provide vibration dampening, shock absorption, sealing.

•Reduces refinishing work, touching up, clean up time.

•Quick to use, clean, safe, improves productivity.

•When replacing spot welding, there is no distortion of the sheet metal

•There are no welding beads to be ground down.

•The tape is soft and flexible, giving great conformability.

 Acribond solves problems! No holes to drill, no rivets to head.

No epoxies to cure, no weld distortion.

Vibration and sound deadening.

Bonding dissimilar metals.

Convenient tape form, in rolls or pieces.

No expensive tools or machinery required. Minimal training required.