Steratape Capabilities Using Steratape Steratape - A Short History Steratape Ltd was founded in 1989; however the products known generically as "Steratape" have been manufactured in the UK since the 1950's. Europe's original producer of fingerlift tapes, Sterling Adhesive Materials moved from Manchester to Scarborough in 1981. After briefly being part of Raflatac, the tape manufacturer relocated to its present site in 1986 as Sterling Tape Corporation.Adhesive Tape Manufacturers Today, Steratape is recognised worldwide and the name is synonymous with adhesive tape. By 2006 Steratape has achieved representation through trading partners in over 60 countries.

STERATAPE Stera 1431/FP Double sided carrier free adhesive transfer with printed paper liner "Remove to expose adhesive" for permanent sealing of paper products. Size available: 8/12mm x 2000m. Stera 4181/FP Double sided polyester tape coated with differential adhesive. Printed paper liner "Remove to expose adhesive". Permanent adhesive one side, low tack removable the other side. Suitable for resealsble envelopes, plastic & paper bags or removable posters & display material. Size available: 6/12mm x 1000m Stera 1811/FP Double sided adhesive transfer with printed paper liner "Remove to expose adhesive" for permanent seal of paper & polyethylene film. Size available: 15/18mm x 1500m. Stera 4123/FB Double sided tape with heat cuttable filmic liner for permanent sealing of HDPE plastic bags. Size available: 6/12mm x 750m. Stera 3813/F Bobbin Double sided tape with filmic liner that is heat cuttable, for permanent sealing of LDPE plastic. Size available: 6/12mm x 8,000m.

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