Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle

Eco- friendly or environmentally aware packaging products from Sydney based Get Packed (ph 02-9452-3566) includes not only those packaging products that are made of recycled content - such as our Black and White Armour range of padded mailers, or degradable products such as cello bags and boi-void fill, but because the fill left over from using the product is markedly reduced. This would include our Cryovac CT shrink Film - which is much thinner than standard shrink film. We've also included our S-Wrap range which is pre-stretched stretch wrap - meaning less plastic is required for the same job if you were comparing it to standard stretch wrap - and also the core is made out of either a recycled plastic or cardboard. For more information on our range of Environmentally friendly products please contact us.


Cryovac CT501 Shrink Film

Cryovac CT501 Shrink Film

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