Sancell - Air Bubble Cushion

Sancell's  Vision

CEO's Message

“Our mission is to achieve and maintain leadership in the product and market development of protective packaging, providing unequalled quality of service and product. We will at all times endeavour to conduct our business with the utmost concern for the environment and the community in which we co-exist”

I am proud to be the CEO of Sancell, a leading manufacturer of premium bubble wrap and protective packaging products. My vision for Sancell is to continuously grow the company whilst ensuring that there is continuous improvement with our processes and procedures to ensure our dedication towards “Protection today with tomorrow in mind”. My aims are to achieve breakthrough performance and continuous improvement with our people, products and customers.

At Sancell, we will continue to:

  • Invest in providing more value to our customers through our innovation
  • Invest in our people through continuous training and support
  • Foster close relationships with our customers and distributors
  • Ensure that we are environmentally friendly and responsible through all of our actions.

As we progress towards the future, Sancell will be continuously committed towards providing quality protective packaging products whilst maintaining an environmentally friendly and responsible culture.

Sancell’s CEO