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Govt Rebate available when purchasing a cardboard perforator!

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Did you know the NSW government has allocated $6m over 3 years to cover up to 50% of your cost of a cardboard perforating machine? That's right. They're calling it the Bin Trim Equipment Rebates Program and it's available for eligible NSW businesses, councils and organisations for three years until the 30th June 2027, or until all funding is used. The Program Objective : Is to offer up to $50,000 to cover up to 50% of the cost of equipment or technology that avoids, reduces, reuses or recycles waste - and it's aimed at getting small businesses to transition to a circular economy. Who can apply? Businesses that have a valid ABN with one or more fully time employees in NSW, must have a commercial and industrial waster service at a site in NSW as well as send their commercial a... continue reading

Why Compostable Mailers can be confusing

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Everyone is purchasing on-line these days and we are all becoming very environmentally aware buyers. In fact, if a supplier isn't environmentally conscious and offering their customers environmentally friendly choices in their packaging then sometimes you will simply lose a customer as a result. However, supplying compostable mailers or bags aren't as environmentally conscious as you would think. Customer confusion over how to dispose of them is rife, and if they get it wrong it's all for nought anyway. For a start there are a couple of different Australian Standards levels with regards to compostability and some refer to being Commercially Compostable (AS 4736) whilst others refer to being Home Compostable (AS 5810) - or both. Only the Home Compostable can be dealt with at home. With regards to bags being commercially compostable - well at the moment there are 150 Commerical Composting facilities in Australia, and you'll need to find one of those to properly (and usefully... continue reading

Recycling Plastics 2023

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So everyone has been a little confused as to how to recycle their soft plastics after REDCycle went into receivership. So what now? There is now a number recycing companies like Recycle Smart , and Curby who works with your local council, APR Plastics and finally VIVA Energy who all work together to turn your old used soft plastics back into food grade plastic packaging. This is all part of the Australian National Target to have 50% recycled plastic in their packaging by 2025. (See our Article: " What is Australia doing when it comes to packaging and waste" ) Amongst other things, Recycle Smart will take your soft plastics (for consumers only) and take them to your local council. After whi... continue reading

What are all the different types of Packaging Tape?

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Choosing the right packaging tape for your needs When it comes to just using tapes to seal your boxes and cartons you can't help buy wonder why there are so many different types. Aren't they all the same? The short answer is no. You may have a problem with pilfering, or just that the tape won't stick to your box. Or maybe your boxes are kept in cold storage and when they go in the cold all the tape comes off. Below are some different types of tape that address all of the issues. Custom Printed Tape - great for reinforcing your brand Prin... continue reading

New Phoenix Bubble Wrap with 50% Recycled Content

By on 13 July 2023 click here to comment

About to hit the shelves at Get Packed is the new Phoenix range of bubble wrap - still offering the same product protection with the same quality, but is made from 50% recycled content - the new symbol of sustainability. What is Phoenix? Phoenix is a specially engineered material that is made up of 50% recycled content - it consists of at least 25% post-consumer recycled plastic waste and the other 25% post industrial recycle. This can result in a range of tones and varying shades from milky white - grey bubble, being testament to different types of waste that go into the recycling process. With Phoenix the Australian manufacturer will not only exceed the 2025 recycled content targets by 250%, promoting a circular economy, but more waste is being kept from landfill with the level of raw materials required an... continue reading

Have you lost or found a set of keys?

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If you have lost your keys, or found someones keys attached to the Get Packed key ring (also functions as a bottle opener) then give us a call. We're hoping that if someone finds keys attached to our keyring then at least they can get returned to us and we may be able to reunite you. As an alternative, have your phone number engraved on the back and either we'll call you or the person who finds them will call you. If you'd like a keyring, give us a call today and we'll send you one! ... continue reading

Bottle Labellers - Manual and Semi Automatic

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Are you applying shrink sleeves? Then maybe it's time to consider a bottle labeller too. If you're using shrink sleeves on your bottles and jars then chances are you are also applying labels to them too. If this is the case, an Australian made Bottle Labelling Machine may be worth considering. Get Packed supply two types of bottle labellers - a BenchMate Manual bottle labeller (with different variations to suit different sized bottles) and a Semi Automatic option - either the BenchMARK, the BenchDELUXE or the BenchMAX each with different specifications for different sized bottles. The manual bottle labelling machines can apply 8... continue reading

The latest in recycling soft plastics

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The recycling of soft plastics from kerbside recycling bins has commenced as a trial with the aim of putting large amounts of soft plastics into an advanced recycling process which results in breaking down the plastics back to an oil, which is then re-used to make new plastics (for re-manufacture). This trial is part of the National Plastics Recycling Scheme (NPRS) project which is being led by the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) starting in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges Council area looking to recycle the likes of bread bags, cereal box liners and ice cream wrappers. The soft plastics would initially be processed by APR Pl... continue reading

Price Increases

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Get Packed is continuing to be impacted by multiple price increases from suppliers as costs across the economy continue to go up. We even have some suppliers unable to provide current prices of goods (only on a “today the price is….”) as they simply can’t keep up with the changes. Where are the price increases coming from? Shipping costs are one of the primary causes (refer our article What is the issue with freight costs and delays ) which have increased on average by 10% in the last 4 months alone. Oil prices – impacted by the Russia/Ukraine conflict. Add to that increase in resins (8.5%) and PET prices (7.5%), not to mention paper (5.2%) and nylon (4.... continue reading

What type of Strapping should I choose?

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Strapping is used to strap and bundle items together or secure loads to pallets. Which strapping you use depends on the weight of the goods being strapped and the conditions for which they are being secured – usually this is for transport which can be pretty rough, or for storage which is not. There are 3 main types of strapping: Plastic (Polypropylene) Strapping, Polyester/PET Strapping or Steel/Metal Strapping - although there is also a Woven Polyester Strapping new to Get Packed too. These all have higher breaking strains consecutively due to the material they are manufactured from as well as the thickness and width of the strap. Breaking strain is a figure that assists in determining the approximate strength of the strap and what kind of strain it will take before it breaks and is measured in Kg’s, keeping in mind that the weakest point of any strap is the seal and a poor seal wi... continue reading

What is the issue with freight costs and delays?

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Currently Shanghai China is entering it’s 5 th week of lockdowns due it’s ZERO-Covid policy leading to a massive shortage of workers. And if you consider that Shanghai is the busiest and largest port in the world, the result is massive backlogs in getting exports out to the world. But it’s not only Shanghai, it’s all over China which holds 5 out of the top 6 largest and busiest ports in the world – some of which are only operating at 50% capacity. The Port of Shanghai is approximately 60km’s wide which is the equivalent of about 3600 sq km’s. Currently there are about 1000 ships all sitting off the coast of Shanghai waiting to either pickup or drop off. To put this in perspective there are usually around 4000 container ships queuing up all over the world – and currently a quarter of them are all s... continue reading

Water Activated Tape Dispensers – what are the choices?

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Water activated tape is environmentally friendly and makes pilfer proof packaging, which is why people love it. What dispenser suits you will depend on your volumes and whether you require pre-set lengths, and what variability you require in your lengths. Why choose Water Activated Tape compared to standard packaging tape? There are three main benefits to using Water Activated Tape: Firstly, it is an environmentally friendly tape as it is made of paper and uses a starch-based adhesive.... continue reading

Taping Machines – start your year more productive

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It’s a new year and the perfect time to think about how you can be more productive in your workplace. Let’s look at the range of taping machines and how you can either have the same output with less effort or a higher output with the same (or even less) effort. Electronic Tape Dispensers: These are ideal where there are repetetive taping jobs - for high production printing facilities, contract packers or those who produce marketing material that requires lengths of tape (including double sided tape, cloth tape, filament and many more). These are a massive time saver and will save you a lot in time and in costs associated with time. ... continue reading

Make shopping online easier - get the Get Packed App!

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Want to add the Get Packed App to your phone and make your purchasing easier? Easy. Follow our simple steps and you have direct and easy access to all of our products and videos. Let's get started. ... continue reading

No Plastic Required - Paper Packaging without Compromising

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Making the executive decision to stop using all plastics for your packaging can seem daunting. However here's a list of ideas that can make that possible without compromising on the look you want and the practicality of it. Wrapping it up - how to wrap up your goods using recycled and recyclable paper products. News Print – a white light weight paper made from up to 60% recycled paper fibre. ... continue reading

Compostable Packaging Tape – introducing our latest addition to our environmentally friendly packaging range

The Monta Biopack® 860 is an Australian Certified Compostable packaging tape meeting AS 4736 (2006) and ISO 17088 (2012) standards regarding its compostability and degradability. The film is PLA based, which means no fossil resources were used. Monta Biopack® 860 as a whole is made from 90% renewable resources (sugar cane, sugar beets, corn). Being Australian Certified compostable means it is for commercial composting (not the garden). In order to meet Industrial Compostability standards certain requirements must be met such as complete biodegradability, (a biodegradation level of at least 90% must be reached within 6 months), absence of negative effects on the composting process and fragmentation and loss of visibility in the final compost amongst other things. This is a strong packaging tape with immediate tack and adhesion properties and is tea... continue reading

Glue Gun, Glue Dots, Transfer Tape or Double Sided Tape: What works best and can we make this simpler and more productive?

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There are quite a few choices when considering how to make things stick together. It may not only be a case of how well it sticks, but is it convenient? Is there a different, cheaper, and simpler way? Can I make this process quicker and more productive? Glue Dots Sometimes all your application needs is a dot of glue, or a line of dots. Glue dots come in either a box, come in a range of tacks from removable to permanent, but also come on a smaller roll that goes into a Dot Shot Pro (glue dot applicator gun – best when wanting to apply a line of dots). Compared to using a glue gun , there is no waiting time (like waiting for a glue gun to heat up), there is no mess that can comes with using liquid glue. It can be super quick, simple, and cost effective if this is all you need the g... continue reading

Pallet Protection - What are you missing?

By on 15 April 2021 click here to comment

Is pallet wrap enough or do I need more to stabilise my pallet? Do you find that despite your best efforts, sometimes your pallet load of goods is unstable and potentially dangerous? Or do you find sometimes the pallet wrap squishes the goods within? What products are out there to help with these issues? Problem: Pallet Wrap squishes the pallet load of goods . In this situation you may have a lightweight box that has little strength to hold up against the pressure required to securely wrap a pallet – and so the externally packed boxes collapse – resulting in an unsecured and loosely wrapped pallet. In this situation, not only do you damage the goods you are trying to secure, but you’re also creating a dangerous load that could topple. Answer: Try... continue reading

What is a heat sealer used for and what are the different types available?

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A heat sealer is a machine that is used to create a seal (using heat) on a plastic bag or other types of plastic. There are many types and forms of heat sealers available that will suit depending on what you are sealing and what type of seal you are after. If you click on any of the links you will see videos for better explanations of how each are used . Impulse Heat Sealer / Desk Top Bag Sealer : This is the basic scissor action model which has a range of machines to suit different sealing lengths from 100mm through 1000mm. When the scissor arm is depressed on the plastic bag, or roll of poly tubing, it will fuse the plastic together to form a seal. They usually have a flat wire that create a 2mm wide flat seal. Some impulse heat sealers also have cutters which enables you to cut off any excess plastic, o... continue reading

What is REDcycle and how does Get Packed support it?

By on 29 October 2020 click here to comment

RED Group is a Melbourne based Australian consulting and recycling organisation who has developed and implemented the REDcycle Programe which is a recovery initiative for post consumer soft plastics. For most of us consumers it means that any soft plastics we have, such as plastic shopping bags, frozen food bags, bread bags, lolly bags and more, that we can't put into our Council kerbside recycle bins are able to be put into REDcycle bins which are located in Coles and Woolworth stores across the nation. REDcycle, with their partners, will recycle the plastic into new products. So what happens then? REDcycle have partnered with a number of companies to recycle this plastic waste and turn it into things like benches, decking, signage and much more. So... continue reading

How can packaging help you take advantage of on-line sales and reinforce your brand?

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With COVID-19 risks abound and everyone going into lockdown this year it is pretty clear for all to see that on-line sales, across all industries, have skyrocketed. So how can Packaging Companies assist you in improving as well as reinforcing your brand awareness, whilst also providing the necessary packaging and protection that boxing, taping, padding and bundling provides. Let’s consider the opportunities that are available to you: Custom Printed Boxes – Cardboard cartons and boxes are functional of course as they enable you to put your items together in a neat package that makes it easy to store or ship your items. But they can be further functionalised by being both custom sized, as well as custom printed with your logo thereby improving and reinforcing brand awareness or putting your company message on them. ... continue reading

Instant Asset Write-Off - $150,000 Extended to 30th June 2022!

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It's that time of year and if you want to fully expense your packaging equipment and machinery purchase then get in before 30th June. For a number of years now the Federal Government via the Australian Taxation Office has allowed Instant Asset write-off's for eligible businessses. This year it's remained at $150,000 for each asset purchase which has now been extended out to June 2022 under the latest budget announcements.. What does instant asset write-off mean? It means that the cost of each asset can claim a tax deduction for the business portion of the purchase cost in the year the asset is first used or installed ready for use. So purchases must be completed, installed or used prior to 30th June to claim in this financial year. ... continue reading

It's Business As Usual At Get Packed

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Get Packed is a fully owned and operated Australian business that thrives on your loyalty and support. Whilst the COVID-19 situation evolves we are committed to taking care of staff and customers. As such we are keeping up with all stock supplies whilst still providing our customers with the best possible service – so it is business as usual here. Having said this we have a flexible work place and can bend to changes as they occur. Going forward we look to you for continued support so we can do our bit as an employer as well as our bit for the Australian economy.... continue reading

Custom branding and custom printing your packaging tape

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Considering inexpensive ways to promote your business? Or are you simply trying to send a message? Whether you're trying to grow brand awareness or make sure your packages are plastered with promotional messages like 'buy one get one free' custom printed tape is an inexpesive way of getting the message through as well as providing the practical aspect of sealing closed boxes. Consider the following advantages of branding with custom printed tape: When cartons arrive to your customers they are sealed closed with tape covered with your logo and/or web address. This is a simple way of creating the perception of a large, substantial and solid business - therefore more likely to... continue reading

What is Australia doing when it comes to packaging and waste?

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What is Australia doing when it comes to packaging and waste? Actually, a little more than you may be aware of. In recent times we’ve heard on the news about the mountain loads of waste we are now accumulating since countries like China are no longer accepting our plastic waste. So, what is Australia doing about this? So far it seems we’re primarily in the foundation stage of a 2025 strategic plan. But in simply having a plan, measuring progress and the packaging industry moving towards sustainable realignment, according to APCO CEO Brooke Donnelly, Australia has become a world leader. Let’s see how. The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is a co-regulatory, not for profit partnership between industry and government that has been created with the aim of complyi... continue reading

So Why DON'T you have a Strapping Machine?

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Instead of asking why you need one – we ask - why don’t you? Problem : Every time you have to manually strap a box together or a couple of boxes together it may take you a couple of minutes to get the strap around the box or boxes, insert the strap into the tensioning tool – tension - apply a clip – then cut the strapping, which can be fiddly. You may even only use buckles – in which case you still have to manually hook the strapping through the buckles before you strap and these are best used for lighter loads. Problem : Picking up your boxes from the ground may involve heavy lifting and if not done correctly can create some Occupational Health and Safety issues just on their own. Let’s address these issues: It takes approximately 5 seconds to strap a box – Saving you in time and efficiency Boxes are simply placed... continue reading

Simply Speaking - Plastic does not biodegrade

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In being bombarded by 'environmentally friendly' claims when considering your packaging there are some facts you need to be aware of so that you're not tricked into thinking your purchasing something that isn't actually as environmentally friendly as you understood it to be. Simply speaking - plastic does not biodegrade. If you come across any plastic product with 'additives' that allow it to biodegrade then they are simply not telling you the whole story. Also beware - 'biodegradable' plastics cannot be recycled in either the curbside or RED recycling programs as they taint the process of recycling the other plastics as they contaminate the polymers. Recently we've seen on large marketplace websites claims of 'biodegradable bubble wrap'. Here's the perfect example of misleading claims. We know as we used to sell this or similar product which is no longer manufactured by a well known Australian brand as it was discovered that these claims we... continue reading

What does the ACCC have to say about recyclable and degradable claims on plastic bags?

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So what does the ACCC have to say about companies claiming their plastic bags and packaging is degradable and or recylable? Basically we are seeing more and more companies making claims regarding the environmentally friendlyness of their packaging which is often unqualified and/or unsubstantiated which is not only bad business practice - but it is against the law. Click on the link below to be taken directly to the ACCC to see what they have to say. ... continue reading

Why Gummed Tape / Water Activated Tape can be the preferred option to standard packaging tape

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Time to consider gummed paper tape - or water activated tape - as an alternative to traditional packaging tape when it comes to sealing your cartons and boxes. It starts dry and then the adhesive is activated by applying water. For a start it is made from a renewable resource and is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditionally used plastic tapes. It is 100% ecological, biodegradable and environmentally friendly as not only is kraft paper a natural product, the glue is produced form potato starch. It is cost effective and requires less material per seal than traditional packaging tape. So what makes it a superior alternative to traditional packaging tape? as gummed tape is water activated the adhesive actually penetrates the fibre of the carton and creates a complete seal and total bond betw... continue reading

Stop Damaged Product Returns

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With on-line shopping increasing exponentially with a rise of 18.7% in 2017 – (Australian spent $21.3billion dollars on physical goods, and now $28.6 billion in 2018) - it’s getting even more important we stop or at least reduce the amount of returns due to damaged stock. The fact that people are increasingly comfortable in returning goods- whether it be due to a change of mind or dissatisfaction with the product let alone damaged goods, it’s now more and more important we have packaging that efficiently handles these scenario’s. Did you realise that damaged merchandise accounts for 20% of all returns? Did you realise that the cost of replacing an item (administrative and physical cost) can be as much as 17 x times the original cost? Depending on the size of your business , processing returns can mean extra labour costs, extra warehouse space to store and process returns not to mention the cost of re-sending a replacement – and then the cost of increased energy... continue reading

Another exciting plastic recycling story - Sunglasses!

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Another good news story where there are people out there who care enough to recycle plastic! Goodcitizens are using one 600mm single-use plastic bottle to make one frame of sunglasses - exactly . According to the Goodcitizens website : " Over 500 billion single-use bottles are made every year. Very few are recycled. Many of the remaining go to landfill or the ocean. We ask ourselves, "Why can't we take a used plastic soft drink bottle and do something good with it?" So Goodcitizen have gone the extra mile and produced Premium polarised or non-polarised lenses (which are not recycled) and paired... continue reading

Do you need a mailer bag that your customer can easily return product in?

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Were you aware that for on-line purchases - the Fashion category and Health and Beauty Category accounted for a combined 31% which converted to approximately 40 million items delivered around Australia. These figures have come from the Australia Post 2017 eCommerce Industry Paper . According to this paper also - the main barrier to adopting on-line shopping is the concern and perceived difficulty there is in returning items if there are any issues. What if I have to return it? What do I put it in? I'll have to make a trip to the post office... Return Trip Shurtuff Mailers are one answer that solves this issue. Shurtuff mailers are llight (so great for minimising freight costs) as well as tough and secure. They are made from a puncture res... continue reading

What Does My Packaging Say About My Brand?

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Apart from colours and logo's the question is - what does your packaging say about your company and your brand? Are you wasteful? Do you under protect your product? Is it annoying and hard to open? Does it have to be easily returnable? Do you want to consider the environment in your packaging? Does your packaging present the image you want portrayed? If you've addressed these issues in the best possoble way then chances are your presenting your brand in the best possible light. The way your package arrives at it's destination and the way it holds your product can say any number of things: This is clearly a high end product ... continue reading

A new use for recycled plastic - board shorts!

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The latest from Quicksilver - they're now making boardshorts from recycled bottles! Well how does it work? Repreve is the brand of fibre - which is basically made from plastic bottles, and this is what they've done. It starts with collecting and recycling plastic bottles Bottles are then broken down to form flakes of plastic The flakes are ground down, melted and formulated in REPREVE chips The chips are then melted and extruded into the unique REPREVE recycled fibre - which is then turned into the boardshorts sold by Quicksilver. Basically plastic bottles are made from PET - which also goes in to make Polyester fibre. REPREVE make nylons, polyester and other stable fibres and have recycled over 10 billion plasti... continue reading

Strapping Choices - Do I need a strapping machine, a strapping tool or should I stay manual?

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Having trouble with what choice you should make? Then here are some questions to ask yourself. Do I have to strap a lot of parcels or goods together over the period of a day? What is the weight of the load I need to strap together? How much strength is required of the strapping? Does my strapping mode have to be portable - Do I have to take my items to the strapping or do I have to take my strapping to the items? If you know the answer to these questions then the answer should be pretty simple. ... continue reading

Best Packaging Choices & Practices to Protect Your Products against damage and loss

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This is what we do! Sometimes goods gets damaged or lost- whether it be with Couriers literally throwing boxes into the back of their vans and so boxes get separated and/or damaged, general rough and tumble of transit, packaging that get's squished (and so do your goods), or worse still - crushed!. Let's look at the best that packaging can offer so that all of this can be avoided so your goods arrive - all together - and intact . Labelling This seems obvious, but you'd be surprised how simple this is for people to get wrong - and we're not talking about getting addresses incorrect. It's important when you are sending mulitple parcels to one customer that each and every box is labelled with the destination - even though they may be all bundled together. Items such as a ... continue reading

Are you ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or even Christmas?

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Ok - So Black Friday and Cyber Monday (23rd and 26th November) are US sale events, but Australians love to get involved in a sale non the less and so more and more Australian stores are getting involved each year. And let's not forget that it's the sale event that starts the Christmas spending season. So if it's not too late already it's very definitely time to get your goods - and your packaging ready! What do you need? BASIC PACKAGING PRODUCTS: Cartons and packaging tape - you need to send your stock to the stores, or you may even need boxes... continue reading

The Plastic Packaging Issue and Reducing Food Waste - Difficult Choices to Make

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In recent times we've heard all about it. It's been topical on talk shows, news programs and numerous articles. They're mostly all singing the same tune. "Fancy packing fresh fruit and vegetables into plastic packaging! Surely natures own packaging is best?' Whilst the food wastage issue doesn't purely relate to just fruit and vegetables, it's a conversation worth looking into a little further.... and what about that plastic packaging? Food Wastage - What are the facts? (definition of food waste - to intentionally discard edible items) About a third of all food produced on the planet never reaches the table (1.3 billion tons). 870 million people go to bed hungry each night. Food wastage accounts for 3.3 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide making it the third largest emi... continue reading

Glue Guns - How to Choose the right one for you

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Choosing the right Glue Gun for your application means considering a few questions first. Let's look at what they are.... How much output do I require? Is it for dainty work or is it for something more substantial? How much versatility do I require? Some glue guns only take glue sticks whilst others will take any kind of hot melt glue. Who will be using the gun and for how long a period will they be using it? Does the gun need to be light and easier to handle? How much use will I be putting my glue gun to? Will it need to be heavy duty? What are you gluing together? Does it require a spray application or dot or line application? Considering these questions will generally lead you in the right direction in choosing the right Glue Gun. ... continue reading

Technical Explanation of Corrugated Board - What does it all mean?

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We've all seen Corrugated Cartons or Board, but what are the technicalities we should understand when determining exactly what we need? Is your box going to carry something very heavy? Does it need to be used mulitple times? How much protection does your product require? Let's start by making it clear that there is a difference between Cardboard Boxes and Corrugated Boxes. Basic Cardboard Boxes are used for lightweight items. For example, simple/light food products, or business cards . Corruated Boxes/Cartons are better used for... continue reading

Wow! This is what they're using recycled plastic for?

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Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. We've all heard this before, but there are some Australian companies doing great things with recycled plastic. Problem is, we're not supporting them by considering their products as an option and as a result a lot of that re-usable plastic is stock-piling due to lack of demand. Let's look at the process and how we can help. Let's start with a list of some of the end products made from recycled plastic; Outdoor seating (think bench sets in parks, tables and chairs in school yards and playgrounds, poolside lounges) Bollards Decking - for both residential and commercial use Exercise Equipment - commonly seen in parks and communal recreational areas Fences Outdoor pavillions Signage and more ... continue reading

What to look at when your pallet wrapper stops working

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When your pallet wrapper stops working there are a number of things you can look a yourself which might solve your issue quickly and without having to call and wait for a technician. Let's go through the steps: Check it's attached to power and turned on. Sounds basic, but it could be as simple as a detached power cord. Check that any emergency stops have been deactivated. Most pallet wrappers have an emergency stop button which will stop the pallet wrapper instantly in the case of an emergency. If this isn't deactivated then you won't be able to get the machine moving again. Ensure something hasn't activated any safety switches. Sometimes if a door isn't closed properly then this can cause a safety switch to activate - check everything is closed/attached as they should be. Trouble shoot the machine by running a test diagnosis through the main screen options. Often pallet wrappers can do a self diagnosis to determine where... continue reading

How to Hand Wrap a Pallet and addressing OH&S Issues

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This seems such a simple thing, but how a pallet is wrapped is vitally important to not only you as the end user and receiver, but you as the supplier and the transporter, and you especially as a hand pallet wrapper. As The End User and Receiver First of all you want to receive your goods intact. Damages can occur not only if the goods have fallen off the back of the truck (literally) due to a poorly balanced and wrapped pallet, but also if care hasn't been taken with pallet protection and the boxes have been squashed or crushed by the pallet wrapping. Also - you want to be able to safely access your goods - so it's important they haven't been stacked so high that you end up with O H & S issues in the process of just trying to unload the pallet. As the Supplier and Transporter As the supplier of goods you want to make sure your goods arrive intact and in good condition. What condi... continue reading

Shhhhh.....Don't call it Velcro unless it's Velcro....might be Hook and loop!

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The Lawyers from Velcro have put out this hillarious video - just to make sure we all get it right. Check it out! Meanwhile - here are our ' hook and loop ' products ... continue reading

One poorly wrapped pallet and your goods are all over the road!

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Have you ever seen an unstable wrapped pallet on the back of a truck and wonder how long it’ll be before you see it all over the road? One sharp or poorly taken corner and smash! All the goods are everywhere! Well if you haven’t then here’s one below. It appears that absolutely nothing is being restrained or protected here. Put this pallet on the back of a truck and next thing you’ll find is the load spread out everywhere! So – How do you wrap a pallet well and what other supplies are available in helping to not only wrap your pallet perfectly, but keep all your goods protected at the same time? 4 Steps To Wrapping A Pallet The stronger the base the higher chance you have of everything going well from there. So, given this it’s always best to load your goods onto a proper pallet base.... continue reading

The proof is in the packaging - Tamper evidence

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Well – the proof really is in the packaging! If the packaging has been tampered with then product integrity can no longer be guaranteed. This is especially critical with food products and is becoming increasingly demanded by consumers across the board, and customers simply won't buy products that show evidence of having been opened - so you end up with unsaleable stock anyway. What is tamper-evident packaging? This is where there is an obvious barrier to entry into a product which when breached or missing indicates that tampering has occurred. Why is tampering an issue? Unfortunately, today’s world is a very scary place and we just can’t take risks that if a product has been opened – and if that product is food - then we really can’t consume it. This can be extremely costly to manufacturers and suppliers alike who can be open to litigation if things go awry. Solution? One of th... continue reading

3 Reasons why Investing in a Pallet Wrapper Saves you Money

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So how can the outlay of money actually save you money? Here's 3 ways how spending money on a pallet wrapper can save you money and make you more efficient. One - Staffing Imagine you have a number of staff who's job involves, (amongst other things) manually wrapping pallets. Over time your business expands and you have a thought of employing extra staff to cover the higher workload. Alternatively - instead of investing in another... continue reading

Want to Save on a Ship Load of Money?

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Consider requiring a number of rolls of bubble wrap - and they're all 1.5m tall. Sometimes the freight can cost more than the product, not to mention the storage space required to hold it. We have a product that can eliminate the cost of freight as well as any need for storage space to hold the bubble wrap. The NewAir IB Express Packaging System The NewAir IB Express Packaging System is an inflatable cushioning system that allows you to create your own bubble wrap on demand. The machine takes up not much more than half a square meter on a bench top so even the machine takes up no space - but entirely eliminates the need to pay for any shipping... continue reading

What is Shrink Wrapping and is it for me?

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Simply put Shrink Wrapping is where heat is applied to 'Shrink film' thereby causing it to shrink snuggly around the item thereby providing an attractive and professional finish. Shrink wrapping is commonly confused with the term pallet wrapping or stretch wrapping - which is actually quite different. This is the process of wrapping pallet wrap around a pallet load of goods which assists in keeping products in place whilst in storage or transport. To consider whether shrink wrapping works for you might be to consider the actual outcome you are hoping to achieve. There are three main outcomes when Shrink Wrapping; To bundle items together such as gift hampers, or '2 for the price of one', reams of paper To provide a professional finish to goods so that they always look good on the shelf... continue reading

To Shrink Wrap or Stretch Wrap /Pallet Wrap - What is the difference?

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Quite often we get phone calls from people who start talking about shrinkwrapping their goods and we have to quickly clarify exactly what they are referring to. The reason for this is that Shrink Wrapping and Stretch Wrapping - or Pallet Wrapping are two very distinctly different things. What is Shrink Wrapping? Literally this is when plastic Shrink Film is 'shrunk' by applying heat over a product which produces something like the image on the left below. What is Stretch Wrapping? This is also known as pallet wrapping - when plastic pallet wrap (also known as stretch wrap) is pulled around a bundle - usually a pallet load - of goods, ultimately stretching the film to create a tightly wound and secured as well as protected load. See image on the right below. ... continue reading

Black Padded Mailer Range safe from prying eyes

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Offering 100% block out from prying eyes the latest addition to the Get Packed range of padded mailers is the Black Padded Mailer . Ideal for ensuring privacy and discretion and offering a high end look with its matt black finish, they also feature a tamper evident seal to ensure goods arrive at their destination intact and undamaged. About to hit our shelves is a new range of white padded mailer bags with improved opacity by 20%.... stay tuned as the matt white padded mailer bags will be replacing our range of Protecta and Protecta Lite bags. ... continue reading

Packaging Choices for the On-Line Business

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Packaging is such a broad term - so it can be difficult to find packaging options that relate specifically to the needs of an e-commerce store. What choices do you have when it comes to packaging your items for mail and delivery? With on-line sales there are a number of things to consider. The weight and therefore cost of your packaging - as everything goes via the post/courier; Some are very particular that their packaging is environmentally friendly. Does the packaging protect your product whilst it's in the mailing and delivery process? Whether you require padding or have the need for your item to remain flat - therefore requiring packaging to be rigid and unbendable. Must it be packaging that customers can re-use and therefore enable returning easily? All of... continue reading

How can we help the APC and the National Environment Protection Council?

The Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) is an ongoing comittment between industry and governments regarding sustainable packaging intiatives aiming to change the culture of businesses to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling and reduce packaging litter. Recently there has been a renewed agreement and a new direction with a new plan commencing January 2017 which identifies priorities which align with the aims and goals of the APC over a 5 year period. The new 5 year plan allows the APC to turn their attention to delivery - delivering environmental outcomes and delivering member value. Trish Hyde, Chief Executive Officer of the APC said "Our new strategic direction will focus on optimising resource use by supporting sustainable design and circu... continue reading

New Shipment of Strapping Machines Just in!

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We've just had a new shipment of strapping machines in - so we have plenty of machines to help you bundle those items together. Just in time for that busy time of year where your manual way of strapping goods/cartons together is just too slow for the volume. It could be that the old strapping machines just aren't up to the job - or it's just time for an upgrade. If you think about how it's done manually - you have to place the strapping around the item, then insert it into the strapping tool, pull on it to get your tension - and then put a clip on the strapping which is then closed with a crimper or sealer. This is time consuming when you have more than just a few jobs to do. In a busy warehouse or fulfillment cent... continue reading

Gift Hampers - Let's make it easy

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We're coming to that time of year when companies are preparing Christmas or Gift Hampers for clients or staff, and shops are getting them on the shelves preparing for their customers. Let's make it easy for you . If you view the video below Get Packed supplies an All In One Shrink Wrapper that would make wrapping gift hampers quick and efficient. We have a SeleCTech 455mm as well are larger or smaller models that will fit your hamper inside with ease. To describe the video - you simply slide your hamper between the Centrefolded shrink film and then slide the hamper onto the seali... continue reading

Tamper Evident Packaging - what are the choices?

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In todays market consumers are very savvy when it comes to needing assurance that the item they have purchased is safe and intact. At Get Packed we like to supply not only products, but solutions . So keeping this all in mind, below are some possible solutions that meet not only the need of assurance your customers require, but professional and upmarket looking packaging alternatives. Shrink Sleeves As far as your customer is concerned they just want to know that no-one before them has opened this container or jar. They want to know that the food contents are safe from contaminents as well as any tampering. PVC Shrink Sleeves are a clear tamper proof plastic sleeve that when sh... continue reading

More on Environmentally Friendly Packaging...

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Check our video below as it shows a great example of how a small machine and a roll of film can totally transform your warehouse as well as reduce material deliveries by up to 97%. This not only will save you time and money - but the environment as it will be the end of large truck deliveries for this type of product. The NewAir I.B. Express Packaging System which can create your own bubblewrap on demand can create lengths of bubblewrap at speeds up to 16.5 meters per minute. Rolls of film that become inflatable cushioning (bubble wrap) come in widths of 400mm or 800mm width. All of this enables you to customize the bubblewrap output, including the choice of regular or premium strength options, and colour (black/grey or clear). ... continue reading

Cardboard Tubes used as furniture at Pop-Up at Bangaroo

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Functional,sustainable as well as looking incredible is the best description of what they have achieved at the Wulugul Pop-Up Precinct at Bangaroo Sydney - now considered to be Sydney's most innovative and vibrant contemporary space - all using Kraft Cardboard Mailing Tubes . The Wulugul Pop-Up is set to host Sydneys best food, culture and events over the next 10 months and is a 170 meter long sustainable temporary architectural installation created by Foolscap Studio. They have created a range of seating pods and functional furnishings from cardboard mailing tubes that are accented with cut-out pockets filled with Australian native vegetation to create vertical gardens. The ... continue reading

The Millenial Generation and Packaging

The Millenials (previously known as Gen Y 20-35 yr age group) are the latest group that marketers are trying to understand, especially considering they are the largest generation by population size. Millenials are self confessed foodies with nearly 58% saying they cook for fun atleast once a week. They have a unique sense of self, have an optomistic view of life and an untraditional approach to life stages. Therefore how can Brands use packaging to reach out and engage this group? Firstly they are the newest generation to grow up with the internet and digital technology and are considered to spend on average approx 25 hours per week online and are relying heavily on mobiles and tablets to research and purchase goods. 2. Convenience is a huge factor - they 'must have it now' and will consider the convenience of packaging when deciding on which product they're prepared to pay for. As a priority packaging should focus on: convenience... continue reading

RoundTrip Courier Bags - make it easy for your customers

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Imagine how easy it would be for you if, after purchasing an item online and discovering it's either the wrong size, or wrong colour, you could simply place the item back into the bag it came in and put it back in the letter box to return. No taping required, no new bag required - just to be able to re-use the one you were sent. Imagine being the supplier and getting prompt and secure returns. This is what can be done with a Shurtuff RoundTrip Courier Bag . Not only is it made of a mulitlayered film construction for maximum tear and impact/puncture resisitance - it now has the option of 2 seals. Seal 1 is made by the supplier (seller). The Shurtuff has high strength welded seams that resisit bursting and allow for overstuffing. They are ideal for ebay or on-line sellers. When your customer receives and opens their bag there is a labell... continue reading

Shrink Wrapping - Time To Upgrade?

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So you’ve had a Shrink A Pack System for a few years and you’ve got it so that it only takes a minute for your small packages with all straight edges – so it’s easy, but you’ve added some new product lines that aren’t so straight forward. Is it time to upgrade? Let’s look at what you’ve got and what might work better for you. The Shrink A Pack is a budget manual system which is ideal for low volume shrink wrapping. It’s simple as you load your shrink film onto a bar so that it can easily dispense. You slip your product between the fold then all you have to do is lower the sealing bar to seal one side and then you seal the other. All you h... continue reading

Strapping Machines - Zapak Tools, manual strapping kits or semi-automatic machines-How to choose?

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When it comes to strapping items together how do you decide on what to spend or which one will work best for you? I guess you need to know what products are our there and how much they cost and the advantages and benefits of one over another. Let's start with a manual strapping kit . Manual strapping is best done when you have relatively low volume strapping requirements as it is a manual job that takes a couple of minutes. Strapping Kits are available in both plastic strapping kits and ... continue reading

Latest Zapak Strapping Tools are the toughest yet

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Get Packed has just brought in a new shipment of the latest Zapak Battery Operated Combination Strapping Tools - Zapak 97A. The heavy duty Zapak 97A and the lighter Zapak 93A are the latest battery operated strapping tool brought out in the last 3 years. They have all the same features but are equipped with the most advanced devices to endure under the heaviest of workloads. To determine this Zapak randomly picked out 5 tools from their production line and pushed them to 250,000 cycles. Each cycle was carried out by an actual operator performing full cycle testing of tensioning, sealing and cutting on smooth PET Strapping (16mm x 1mm) and they all proved their reliability completely succesfully. Zapak Battery Operation Combination tools all feature: pre-programmed touch panels special tool retreating devices to ensure smooth and easy removal of tools unique rear-emd roller design to prevent scratches... continue reading

'Unpoppable' Bubble wrap is on its way!

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According to the Wall Street Journal and other news bulletins , the original producer of Bubble Wrap - Sealed Air Corp - have created a new version of the signature product which will now be "unpoppable" - losing a much loved element of fun. Originally Bubble Wrap manufactured by Sealed Air Corp had pockets of air which would pop and make a noise when pressure is applied onto the sealed area. The new version - dubbed iBubble Wrap - known to us as Air IB Express (click the link to see the product) will be sold in flat sheets - on a roll - requiring a custom made pump to fill the bubble with air. The decision to change the product was made to save space for online r... continue reading

Packaging Tape or Box Sealing Tape - Which to choose.

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When choosing packaging tape there are many things to consider other than price including the which tape works best for your application and what is the quality of the cartons you are using. Its often not the tape coming off the carton, it’s the carton falling away from the tape, the more varied recycled material in the manufacture of the cartons will change the way the tape sticks and ultimately performs. Always remember packaging tape needs pressure to achieve a nice clean strong seal either by a carton sealer which has rollers that press down the tape firmly onto the carton or using your hand if applying tape the a tape gun. With the introduction of several new adhesive technologies it’s hard to decide what’s the best tape for your application. It is always important to test newer tape options on your cartons before purchasing and alternate product. This includes rubber adhesive, synthetic rubber (hot melt), and acrylic. Here... continue reading

Teflon Tape – Metal Detectable TEFLON® Coated Glass Tape

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Metal Detectable Tape (MDT) is a Teflon-glass fabric adhesive backed tape for use on packaging equipment such as vacuum packing machines, shrink wrappers or heat sealers for plastic bags where metal detectors are used to can identify tape failures that could end up in end-user packages. MDT Teflon Tape is a Teflon-glass fabric with fine particles of metal embedded in the Teflon, with a silicone adhesive to provide a non-stick surface to heat seal against, or a slippery cover for chutes that transport foods or drugs. Providing protection against worn tape falling into a vacuum pouch, poly bag, shrink film or package and going undetected, this MDT Teflon tape can be identified by a metal detector before leaving th... continue reading

The Ultimate Packaging Checklist!

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... continue reading

How Bubble Wrap is Made

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Check out the video below. It's all about how Sealed Air make Bubble Wrap. It's informative and interesting to see how one of the most used packaging materials in the world is made. ... continue reading

Definite Length Dispenser for Tape

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Electronic definite length dispenser for tape are the easy and proven way to increase productivity of repetitive taping for industrial applications. These easy to operate tape dispensers are programmable; the length of the dispensed tape can be easily setup in a short period of time to automatically advance and cut the tape at the predetermined length from 20mm to 999mm. These tape dispensers are suitable for a wide variety of single or double sided tapes from 10mm to 48mm wide. Often referred to as a DLD ( Definite Length Dispenser) which in the past used a hand lever to present the tape, but as with everything the electronic version have come down substantially in price with the 2-DLD-M1000 at around $330.00 + freight. To see our range of tape dispensers please clic... continue reading

Jiffy Mailers and Mailing Tubes

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Jiffy Mailer Products have been recognized by distribution professionals as the standard of excellence for quality in protective mailers for over 50 years. Produced according to world class standards, these Sealed Air products represent the most complete line of cushioned, non-cushioned and rigid protective mailers to suit most small application. Jiffy Mailers have earned the confidence of small parcel shippers in a diverse array of industries such as: publishing, mail order, parts distribution and printing industry. Jiffy Mailers include - Jiffy Lite , Jiffy Rigi , ... continue reading

What's the Fascination with Bubble Wrap?

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So what's the fascination with Bubblewrap? Apart from people loving to pop it in their fingers it is one of the most popular and economical forms of protective packaging. Did you know it was first created over 60 years ago by two men trying to create wall paper? Have a look at our video below which shows you how Bubble Wrap is made in the Sealed Air factory as well as other forms of protective packaging. For more information of the different types of propective packaging featured in this video please follow the links below: Bubble Wrap Instapak and Instapak Quick Bags Wonderfill Fill Air Pac... continue reading

Promote Your Business with Custom Printed Tape

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As a business we're always trying to consider new / better or inexpensive ways of promoting our company and brand. This is where custom printed tape can work so well. Get Packed can arrange tape to be custom printed with your company logo, a promotional message a website and phone number - or anything you want. Simply turn your plain packaging tape into advertising resulting in instant recognition of your parcels. Printed message tape can be pinted on tape 24mm to up to 144mm wide. We can print on polypropylene, PVC and even filament tape in both hand rolls or machine rolls. Tape colours available are: white, clear, brown, red, yellow, green and fluro orange. Standard printing colours available are black, red, yellow, green, light blue, midio blue, dark blue, brown, purple and orange although colour match is available in house for $45 p... continue reading

Tamper Evidence Packaging - Reassurance for your customers

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Customers are requiring more and more assurance from manufacturers that the product they are purchasing hasn't been tampered with It must be tamper evident. Whilst providing this kind of security to our customers can be an additional cost it is becoming more and more critical. Consider not only hindering products being taken from its packaging but everything from consumer tampering and bioterrorism through to product counterfeiting. Whilst many levels of security may need to be considered to minimise the risk of tampering such as unauthorised access to products or packaging, or educating consumers, at Get Packed we can only supply tamper evidence packaging. And whilst there are many types of tamper evidence packaging available – from covert packaging such as scanners and ultraviolet-luminescent inks – there is the more overt visible type of pa... continue reading

Automatic Taping Machine for Wide Formats

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Get Packed has recently added an ATM1050 Automatic Taping Machine to our range. This is ideal for larger formatted material that has a maximum width of up to 1050mm like posters or banners. You simply feed the material into the machine and the tape is automatically applied. The Automatic Taping Machines utilizes a stationary transmitter and receptor photo optic cell sensing system to ensure the highest accuracy in production. Where the ATM1050 comes standard with two taping heads, this machine can accommodate up to 8 automatic taping heads – which can also be purchased from Get Packed. Electronic Counting Units also come standard, but an automatic feeder unit (for material 390mm wide) can be added for faster production. Get Packed also supplies the Automatic Taping Machine in smaller sizes as well as additional tape heads. Please view... continue reading

CT-501 Shrink Film

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CT-501 shrink film is ideal for wrapping irregular shaped products with its micro-layering technology platform allowing for a softer film that makes wrinkles and 'dog ears' disappear. CT-501 is the latest patent pending release from Sealed Air and this 'breakthrough' shrink film is versatile and forgiving across a wide range of equipment. This is a 30 guage shrink film that performs like a 50-60 guage shrink film with operational gains of lower tunnel temperatures and longer rolls that mean fewer change overs and lower transportation costs. ... continue reading

Ergopack Pallet Strapping Machine

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The Ergopack Semi Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine is a portable, battery operated Pallet Strapper that can be recharged overnight and will last for between 100-400 strap cycles depending on the height of the pallets being strapped. The Ergopack pallet strapper allows for a single operator to strap a pallet without bending down to feed the strap under the pallet.It uses a revolutionary chain lance that dispensers the strap that goes under the pallet then vertically up the back of the pallet and returning across the top to the operator who takes the strap and tensions / seals it with the Battery Powered Strapping Tool - which is part of the Ergopack.... continue reading

Industrial Scales

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A full range of Industrial Scales are now supplied by Get Packed from small digital bench scales through to pallet weighers and dual platform scales. Read here for a brief description or look under our General Packaging Section for more details and pictures of each Industrial Scale. Stainless Steel Bench Scale - is legal for trade use with a... continue reading

Get Packed and our new QR Code

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You may have noticed that Get Packed has recently added Quick Response (QR) Codes to our Invoices & Delivery Dockets. Get Packed would like you to scan the QR Code using your mobile phone or iPad which will take you directly to our website . If you wondering what this new technology looks like, below is a sample of the Get Packed QR Code, you will start to see these QR Codes appearing everywhere. If you don’t have a QR Scanner on your phone you can download the APP for free from QRREADER. ... continue reading

Instapak Quick Used to Produce A Customised Head and Neck Support

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Patient immobilisation and stability are key factors in the treatment regime of patients undergoing radiotherapy to the head and neck region. This is where Instapak Quick can be of use. Instapak Quick is a (room temperature) foam in bag that will form a solid customised foam support around the head and neck area that will minimise movement during the radiation process. Instapak Quick is traditionally used to solidly protect products during storage and transport by creating a custom shaped and snugly fitting foam around the object. Instapak Quick comes in convenient individual bags filled with 2-part expanding foam. All you have to do is pat back and forth to combine the chemicals and the foam rises within the bag to create your own custom fitting packaging .... continue reading

Excel Air Ventilated Stretch Film

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Excell Air Ventilated Stretch Film is the latest generation stretch film or pallet wrap and is now available at Get Packed. Excell Air Ventilated Stretch film is ideal for palletising pallets that require either ventilation, or transpiration as it has perforated air holes allowing air to flow easily around the goods being palletised – allowing better cooling, quicker freezing and maximum ventilation. This stretch film is available as both a machine pallet wrap as well as a hand pallet wrap and comes as either standard or pre-stretched and is just as easily applied with a superior holding force which, with its sideways tension, offers the best pallet stability without damaging the goods in the pallet. ... continue reading

Useful Tips for Using Hot Melt Glue Sticks

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Before bonding with the molten glue, you must prepare yourself and your surfaces. Firstly make sure you are using protective eye wear and heat resistant gloves, as well as full length sleeves. The aim is to minimise the possibility that molten glue come into contact with exposed skin, hair or eyes. Next, prepare your surface being bonded. It is imperative that the surface is free of contaminants, like dust or water. In some cases it is worthwhile to lightly abrade the surface so that the bond may be improved and with surfaces like metal you will get a better bond if it is pre-warmed up to 95°C. When bonding the surfaces, it is best to apply the glue to the more difficult to bond surface, (generally hard smooth surfaces are more difficult to bond than the more porous surface). Next, after the glue has been applied, mate the two surfaces together as quickly as possible and apply as much pressure as practically possible, making sure the surfaces are not moved or adjusted after contact has... continue reading

Shrink Tunnels from Get Packed

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Get Packed supplies a wide range of shrink tunnels to suit all types of budgets, speeds and capacities. Our range starts at a simple economical model with a 6 inch high tunnel perfect for the smaller packaging requirements working through to larger shrink tunnels up to heights of 28 inches with higher speeds, and can work behind automatic L-Bar sealers or multiple L-bar sealer production lines. Our most popular model is a GP2208-48 as it has tunnel dimensions of 22inches (W), 8 inches (H) and 28 inches (L) – but an optional height of 28 inches can be arranged. All of our range of shrink tunnels features fully re-circulating air chambers which means you get an even air flow with AC variable speed drives and 4 directional air flow to name a few. ... continue reading

Shrink Film - Why is Polyolefin Shrink Film better than PVC Shrink Film?

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As both PVC Shrink Film and Polyolefin Shrink film ( D940 or Impact )are supplied by Get Packed and both can be shrunk using either a Shrink Tunnel or a Heat Gun a common question asked is: What is the difference – and why does Get Packed sell only one roll of PVC to 100 of the Polyolefin? The reasons are this: We will recommend ... continue reading

Gel Ice Packs

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Get Packed has recently included Gel Ice Packs to our list of products sold. Gel Ice Packs are a non toxic polymer gel which when frozen will last longer than dry ice and are also re-usable without the watery mess of ice. Our most common consumers include cold chain logistics and air freight, but gel ice packs are also commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, for shipping, for confectionary and the hospitality industry as well as fresh and frozen food suppliers especially as it can be used in direct contact with food. ... continue reading

Sustainable Packaging and Instapak packaging Foams

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Sustainability has become an important metric in the Protective Packaging Industry over the past several years. Often seen as an extension of the ‘Environmentally Friendly Packaging’ efforts from the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, Sustainability is actually much more broadly based and encompasses far greater concerns than landfill avoidance and controlling litter. One term most often used to describe Sustainability is that it is “Holistic” in nature – involving broad based consideration of all of the various elements that go into the process and product. Additionally, it must be noted that Sustainable Packaging cannot be considered only by itself. Sustainability overall includes Sustainable Packaging, Sustainable Products, Sustainable Processes, Sustainable Manufacturing, Sustainable Industries and Sustainable Economies. One element of this hierarchy cannot be considered on its own. Sustainable Packaging should only be considered within the context of the other levels of this hierarchy... continue reading

Tamper Evident Bands and Tamper Evident Shurtuff Mailers

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Whether it be pharmaceutical products with tamper evident seals to prevent contamination, mailing an item sold on ebay, mailing confidential papers requiring uncompromised privacy or simply security taping boxed goods for evidence of tampering or theft, Get Packed can supply the right product. When you require proof of purity or non-contamination we can supply tamper evident bands or seals, also known as shrink sleeves. Get Packed can arrange for these to be cut to any length or width, including perforations if required. We can also arrange for custom printing if you require. Shrink sleeves have the added benefit of also being able to be used for the collation of products, securing lids to bottles, and being able to be shrunk over odd shapes. If you’re a Solicitor, Banker, Doctor or Accountant or simply selling something on ebay, anyone wishing to mail confidential papers, (in-house or externally) , or any items that require evidence of tampering and privacy, the... continue reading