Shrink Tunnels from Get Packed

Get Packed supplies a wide range of shrink tunnels to suit all types of budgets, speeds and capacities. Our range starts at a simple economical model with a 6 inch high tunnel perfect for the smaller packaging requirements working through to larger shrink tunnels up to heights of 28 inches with higher speeds, and can work behind automatic L-Bar sealers or multiple L-bar sealer production lines.

Our most popular model is a GP2208-48 as it has tunnel dimensions of 22inches (W), 8 inches (H) and 28 inches (L) – but an optional height of 28 inches can be arranged. All of our range of shrink tunnels features fully re-circulating air chambers which means you get an even air flow with AC variable speed drives and 4 directional air flow to name a few.

There is a range of conveyor options available from a standard 1 inch spacing, to a high density roller with only ½ inch spacing’s. They also come in stainless steel metal mesh belts, heavy duty falcon belting or Teflon mesh belt overlay.

There is also a range of optional discharge conveyors to choose from such as a lazy susan turntable, a straight conveyor or a flexible skate wheel option. Shrink Tunnel curtains are made of reinforced silicone rubber which minimises heat loss and therefore assists in maintaining an accurate tunnel temperature. All of these features result in the best possible shrink for your package.

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