Vibac tape

Vibac Group is a world-class company with a clear target of being the global leader in all areas of its business by providing high quality products, and offering advanced and valuable solutions to the packaging, automotive and DIY industries. The VIBAC Group is one of the world's leading privately owned companies focused on the development and manufacturing of a diversified line of specialty packaging films and pressure–sensitive tapes. The Company operates two divisions: The BOPP Film Division, is dedicated to flexible packaging and labeling. The production includes clear, metallized and white opaque biaxially oriented polypropylene films. The Tape Division: is dedicated to the manufacturing of pressure sensitive tapes with different supports: BOPP for carton sealing and other purposes. Paper (masking tapes) for various applications: automotive, DIY, and so on. PVC, cloth. For more than a quarter of a century the VIBAC Group has grown from a domestic tape business into a world leader in the packaging and packaging-related industry. Today, the group has four production units located in Italy and Canada, employing over 900 people. In 2008, The Vibac Group installed two masking related lines (paper and tape) in the Termoli (IT) unit. This required a substantial investment program, which has made the Vibac Group one of the world leaders in its various fields of expertise. In addition to the presence of production facilities in several countries, the continuous growth of the Group (in terms of both production capacity and sales volume) in all geographical areas and fields of activities is a clear and evident testimony of a corporate strategy aimed at reaching a dominant world-wide market position. The Self–adhesive Tapes Division represents the starting point in the history of the Vibac Group. The Vibac Group began its activities in the 1970's in the field of cloth adhesive tapes for the shoe industry. It progressively diversified through manufacturing adhesive packaging tapes, polypropylene films for industrial use and food packaging, as well as industrial marking devices. From the early 1970's to the present day the development of this Division has progressed through the establishment of manufacturing plants in Ticineto (Vibac S.p.A., Italy, today's Group Headquarters), Montreal (Canada Vibac Tape Corporation) and Termoli (Italy). In 2008, a new production line for masking tapes was installed in the Italian plant of Termoli. This will give Vibac the opportunity to grow and reinforce its sales offer. Vibac brand adhesive tapes reflect the image of a company capable of meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers. Thanks to a fully developed distribution network, today Vibac's self-adhesive tapes are well recognized, appreciated and used extensively all over the world.