Packaging Tape PP30 Vibac - Premium Grade Rubber Adhesive Tape

Vibac Clear, Brown & White Packing Tape - *Best Seller*

Packaging Tape PP30 Vibac Premium Grade Rubber Adhesive 

Vibac PP30 has been Australia's Favourite Packaging tape for over 25 years. This Premium grade Tape with natural rubber solvent adhesive is ideal for most packaging requirements, sealing of cardboard cartons including freezer / coolroom storage.  Available in Clear, Brown and White with widths of 24mm, 36mm & 48mm x 75m Clear 75mm x 75m & White 48mm x 75m. If you are looking for a very reliable and consistent packaging tape then look no further than Vibac PP30 Packaging Tape. The excellent combination of aggressive adhesive, strong backing film consistent unwind makes the Vibac PP30 Australia's and the worlds best packaging tape.

Also availble in Machine Tape.

Please ask us for Special Pricing on all bulk orders.

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Packaging Tape or Box Sealing Tape

When choosing packaging tape there are many things to consider other than price including the which tape works best for your application and what is the quality of the cartons you are using. Its often not the tape coming off the carton, it's the carton falling away from the tape, the more varied recycled material in the manufacture of the cartons will change the way the tape sticks and ultimately performs. Always remember packaging tape needs pressure to achieve a nice clean strong seal either by a carton sealer which has rollers that press down the tape firmly onto the carton or using your hand if applying tape the a tape gun.

With the introduction of several new adhesive technologies it is hard to decide what is the best tape for your application. It is always important to test newer tape options on your cartons before purchasing and alternate product.

This includes rubber adhesive, synthetic rubber (hot melt), and acrylic. Here is a guide to ensure you select the right tape for the job.

Natural Rubber Adhesive (Honey or amber in colour)

Natural Rubber Adhesive is by far the most common adhesive tape out in the market as it has an excellent combination of aggressive adhesive for high-tack superior holding strength. It is suited for sealing cartons or general purpose packaging uses and in normal temperature environments. This tape is available in clear, brown and white with many sizes and different widths as well as hand rolls or machine tape rolls. Vibac PP30 polypropylene tape is one of Australia's most popular natural rubber adhesives tapes, with most people realizing they are paying a little more for this product because of the way it performs reliably day after day. Rubber pressure sensitive tape will work best on a broader range of cartons

Synthetic Rubber Adhesive (yellowish in colour)

Hot melt tape or synthetic rubber adhesive is affected by extremes in temperatures and has been created in an effort to preserve its natural alternative rubber adhesive. A lot of research has gone into this adhesive to take a hot melt glue in soft form  and add chemicals to keep it soft to ensure it offers a comparable level of adhesion and tackiness. Like rubber, it is great for general purpose sealing of cartons and for use in normal temperature environments as if it is to hot has the potential to release from the carton and in winter in can harden and lose adhesion. It is also available in a range of sizes including handheld 75m size rolls which fit on a tape gun in clear and brown and clear 1000m machine rolls.

Water-based Acrylic (traditionally  white or clear in colour)

This water based acrylic adhesive is specially designed for performance in cold temperatures which makes it great for cold rooms and freezer environments. As the adhesive is designed differently to rubber and hot melt it recommended for lighter cartons and parcels if not being used in a cold temperature. This pressure sensitive packaging tape is also available in handheld 75m size rolls which fit on a tape gun in clear and brown and clear 1000m machine rolls.



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Code: 2-24VR-C

PP30 Packaging Tape - Clear - 24mm x 75m (1 roll)

Code: 2-36VR-C

PP30 Packaging Tape - Clear - 36mm x 75m (1 roll)

Code: 2-36VR-B

PP30 Packaging Tape - Brown - 36mm x 75m (1 roll)

Code: 2-48VR-C

PP30 Packaging Tape - Clear - 48mm x 75m (1 roll)

Code: 2-48VR-B

PP30 Packaging Tape - Brown - 48mm x 75m (1 roll)

Code: 2-48VR-W

PP30 Packaging Tape - White - 48mm x 75m (1 roll)

Code: 2-75VR-C

PP30- Packaging Tape - Clear - 75mm x 75m (1 roll)

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