Double Sided Tapes

Double Sided Adhesive Tape is an effective way of bonding or attaching two objects together such as cardboard, paper, metal or plastic. As the name Double Sided Tape suggests it has adhesive on both sides of the tape that is protected on one side with a silicone or waxed liner material on one side that when removed enables two products to be stuck together.  Get Packed supplies an enormous variety of Double Sided Tape from the basic general purpose Tissue Tape, the High Bond Double Sided Tape through to the Very High Bond or VHB Double Sided Adhesive Tape for external permanent bonding, providing a solution for most applications. Our range of Double Sided Tape covers all the major Tape Suppliers including Stylus, Kikusui, & 3M in a variety of products such as Tissue Tape, Transfer Tape, Cloth Tape, Polyester Tape, PVC Tape and Extended Liner or Finger Lift Tape