Zapak Hand Held Strapping Tools

Zapak Hand Strapping Tools are built for strength and sturdiness to provide a reliable seal on your strapping without the need for metal seals or buckles. Three of the five that we supply are fully portable as they are battery powered strapping tools. All work on friction weld seals.

The Zapak 93 and Zapak 97 weigh in at only 3.5Kg's and have been built to endure the heaviest of workloads. They are battery operated using a Panasonic 18V Li-Ion battery and feature a brushless motor to deliver the highest torque as well as saving battery power to ensure the highest output of cycles. Please click on the images below to view more details and videos.

The Electric powered Zapak 20 is our light-weight model that can tension up to 100Kg's which is adjustable for different strap widths and therefore also has an adjustable sealing time. Our Pneumatically powered Zapak Strapping tool - Zapak 28 - includes an air pressure gauge to monitor air supply as it is powered with compressed air and can provide up to 350Kg's of tension.