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Our Business at a Glance Over the years, our focus on “protection” has broadened to where today our business is addressing three global trends that all tie together under “protection”. Global concern for food safety, food waste and access to convenient, healthy meals More people working in office settings, global travel and greater public awareness and regulatory requirements on safe and hygienic environments Expansion of global supply chains and e-commerce channels Our Purpose: We protect what’s important - helping people live healthier, eat better and ship products safely around the world. We strive to be the global leaders in food safety & security, facility hygiene and product protection. How We Are Successful: Create measurable value for our customer at their facility and downstream

Fast Facts Approximately 25,000 employees Net sales of $7.6 billion (2012) Operations in 62 countries with distribution reaching 175 countries 145 manufacturing facilities 56 Labs/Research Facilities More than 500 scientists and engineers More than 1000 equipment and application experts 4,600 patents More than 9000 trademarks

Business Profile The Leader In Protecting What’s Important - What you eat and drink, where you go and the products you ship Food Safety & Security: Expertise in food science and microbiology to create solutions that protect and enhance the food and beverage supply chain. Ensure food and beverages are processed, sold and prepared in a safe and efficient environment, extend product shelf life and reduce waste, and provide value added convenience benefits. Facility Hygiene: Deliver building care, food safety, laundry and Infection control solutions for building service contractors/facility management, retail, food service, hospitality and health Care sectors. Product Protection: A total systems approach that positively benefit multiple areas of our customers’ operations to drive efficiencies and business value from the plant floor to their customers’ doorsteps.

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