Plastic Bags

Get Packed supply a large range of plastic bags made for a range of uses.

  • Polypropylene Re-Sealable bags - are a nice glossy clear bags with a peel and seal strip. The kind often used as a presentation bag such as gift cards.
  • Poly Bags - not as clear as the polypropylene and has no peel and seal strip. Usually sealed closed with sticky tape, staples or heat sealed (heat sealers also supplied by Get Packed).A good general purpose plastic bag for packaging.
  • Self Seal Bags - also known as snap lock bags. 
  • Cellophane bags - have been commonly used as Lolly bags. They have a seam down the centre back and are an environmentally friendly alternative as they are made from a naturally occuring product.
  • Carry Bags & Boutique Shopping Bags - both a white commonly used bag in either supermarkets or clothes shopping.
  • Poly Tubing - a roll of tubing that when sealed with a heat sealer becomes a custom sized bag.