Peel and Seal - Polypropylene Resealable Plastic Bags or PPRS bags

PPRS - High Quality Glossy display bags with Flap & Tape

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Polypropylene Resealable Plastic Bags with a Flap and Tape  -  PPRS

Peel and Seal Polypropylene Plastic bags are the high quality bags that have a flap at the top that folds over the bags with a strip of re-sealable tape to secure the them closed. Polypropylene (PP) is tough and flexible while being very clear especially compared to Polythene (PE) bags and with a stronger neater seal. PolyPropylene ReSealable or PPRS for short are used to display and protect retail ready items such as birthday cards or magazines.

The PPRS are are available in stock sizes listed below or we can custom make your bags to suit your specific requirements with printed and or hang sell ready bags.

Measuring a Peal & Seal bags or PRS Bags

Resealable bags have a number of applications ranging from Printed material such as a gift card, T-Shirt display bags, food storage, small parts, manufacturing, electronics and many other industries use Polypropylene bags with a a peal and seal flap with a tape strip. 

  1. Measure Length (L) from the bottom of the bag to the base of the Press Seal.  Above the resealable section isn’t counted in the size of the bag.
  2. Measure Width (W) of the bag from side to side, this is the opening edge as well as shortest or narrowest side.
  3. For thick or bulky items adjust dimensions accordingly to allow the item to fit through the opening.
  4. If your unsure ask for a sample



By: on 14 March 2018
The package came on time and was just as described and just as I expected. The size measurements was on the ball and fit my items very well. Thank you! Definitely recommend this product.

First time purchaser

By: on 11 July 2016
Very impressed with the quality of the bags I ordered. I'm sure they'll do the job I require admirably. The service was great too.

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Code Product Price Qty.  

Code: 5-PPRS-50180

50mm x 180mm +30mm Flap - 35um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-75180

75mm x 180mm +30mm Flap - 35um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-100150

100mm x 150mm +38mm Flap - 30um (2000/Box) - Priced per 1000 (min order 2)

Code: 5-PPRS-116230

116mm x 230mm +38mm Flap - 30um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-125130

125mm x 130mm +30mm Flap - 35um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-125200

125mm x 200mm +30mm Flap - 35um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-135205

135mm x 205mm + 30mm Flap - 38um (1000/box)

Code: 5-PPRS-138190

138mm x 190mm +30mm Flap - 35um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-150200

150mm x 200mm +30mm Flap - 35um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-155230

155mm x 230mm +30mm Flap - 30um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-170170

170mm x 170mm +30mm Flap - 35um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-180250

180mm x 250mm +30mm Flap - 35um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-200250

200mm x 250mm +30mm Flap - 35um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-230305

230mm x 305mm +30mm Flap - 30um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-230330

230mm x 330mm +30mm Flap - 30um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-250360

250mm x 360mm +30mm Flap - 30um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-250360-PER

250mm x 360mm +40mm Flap - 60um (1000/Box) - PERMANENT ADHESIVE

Code: 5-PPRS-280380

280mm x 380mm +30mm Flap - 35um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-305405

305mm x 405mm +30mm Flap - 30um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-305455

305mm x 455mm +38mm Flap - 30um (1000/box)

Code: 5-PPRS-315315

315mm x 315mm +30mm Flap - 35um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-330330

330mm x 330mm +30mm Flap - 35um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-350450

350mm x 450mm + 30mm Flap - 35um (1000/Box)

Code: 5-PPRS-355510

355mm x 510mm + 38mm Flap - 30um (1000/Box)

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