Pallet Wrap and Stabilisation

Pallet Wrap - also known as Shrink Wrap or Strech Wrap - is a plastic industrial grade cling film. It often has one side that is tackier than the other and this is the side that is faced onto the pallet. It is used by being pulled or tensioned whilst being wrapped around a pallet and thereby creates a secure and stable contained package of the loaded goods. There is hand pallet wrap that is best used with a dispenser that allows the user to freely tension the film whilst walking around the pallet and there is a machine pallet wrap that is used on pallet wrapping machines. 

Other Pallet Stabilisation products supplied include:

  • bundle wrap
  • Angle Boards or pallet corners - used to protect the edges of your pallets/boxes from collapsing under the weight of other pallets
  • Grip Sheets - to assist in keeping the goods on the pallet and assisting against goods slipping
  • Pallet Shrink Bags - bags that go over a pallet that are then 'shrunk' with a hot air gun. Used as an alternative to pallet wrap
  • Top Sheets - to prevent damage from the elements such as rain or dust during tranport
  • Builders Film

Pallet Wrappers and Pallet Wrapping Equipment

  • Excell Pallet Wrappers
  • Lantech Pallet Wrappers
  • Pallet Lift Elevators - used to help lift a pallet to enable easy loading and wrapping
  • Electric Turntable - to enable easy wrapping by hand
  • Pallet Scales
  • Pallet Strapping Machine and strap feeder


Gas Gun GoodPack G-32 | Heat Shrink Gas Gun

Gas Gun GoodPack G-32 | Heat Shrink Gas Gun


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 Lantech Q300XT Stretch Wrapping Machine

Lantech Q300XT Stretch Wrapping Machine

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