Tamper resistant packaging | shrink sleeves | tamper proof mailer bags | security seals

Tamper resistant and tamper evident seals, security seals and tamper seals are important terms when considering tamper proofing your product. Get Packed supplies shrink sleeves to go over the top of bottles and jars, void security tape that when disturbed shows clear evidence of tampering, not to mention the simple clear circle label, security seals used to secure items closed. Sometimes we need to even consider Shrink Film  / shrink wrapping our products. We can provide a range of alternatives that will not only provide a professional finished package, but also security for you as a supplier and to our customers that goods have remained intact.

See our list of items below that offer possible solutions for tamper proofing your package.

Alternatively - if you want a brief description of each item all on one page - then follow this link to our article on Tamper Evident Packaging - What are the Choices?