Specialty Tapes

Our range of Specialty tapes includes those that are not easily categorised, but commonly used.

Get Packed can supply;

  • 'Void' Security Tape - you attach the tape and peel away the clear liner which leaves a tamper proof security tape that reads 'Void Fraud Opened' that cannot be removed without evidence that the seal has been broken.
  • Adhesive backed Magnetic Tape - ideal for sticking onto lightweight promotional flyers / business cards or any promotional material that is commonly used as fridge magnets.
  • Bag Neck Sealing Tape - the tape that is used with Bag Neck Sealers - the sort that is commonly used in the fresh food industry. Eg Green grocers and bakeries
  • Line Marking Tape - Tape that has been printed in a variety of colours that is used to mark up areas Eg - warehouses - restricted zones/ safety zones