Preferred Packaging

No other range of packing machines combines rationality with emotion. Preferred was able to blend contemporary elegance and expressive design with the necessities of every day, where passion for design combines with sophisticated technology. Maximum flexibility matches innovative systems making packaging simpler and more valuable at the same time. This is the essence of our machines: intuitive design for attractive and user-friendly machines whose versatility adds a special touch as if they were specifically tailored on your packaging requirements. “Preferred” creates a fascinating and perfect range of machines that strives to perfection, control, consistent quality and ongoing upgrades to satisfy all users’ desires making it hard to resist. They strike and seduce the consumer’s eyes at first sight, but yet there is much more than a mere look issue to each machine. Attraction is not only an issue of aesthetics, but also of values. If you take a closer look, you will discover so many benefits that will make each machine a precious partner. It is intelligent and smart, built to save on consumption and reduce waste. Everlasting versatility, functionality and efficiency. You will be amazed by its performance, astonished by its simplicity and sturdiness at the same time. Enchanting. No comment needed. One second to attract you, one moment to become a must-have piece.Pleasure is not a sin. The only sin that you could make is…not buying it! “Preferred” the Class… Born to appeal