Visy packaging

At Visy, it's in our nature to challenge things. We're not happy to settle for the same old solutions time and time again - after all, the world around us is always evolving, so we believe we should do the same. So instead of sticking to what's 'good enough', we're on a mission to do something truly great. We're always pushing the envelope to find new and better ways of doing things - whether it's creating an eye-catching piece of packaging or streamlining our production processes. It's this culture of innovation that's led to Visy becoming a leader. Where others saw waste, we saw potential. Now, we not only start with recycled materials, we finish with recyclable products - and create less waste along the way. While we're proud of how far we've come, we know the journey's far from over. Now, we're aiming for a future where everything that touches us can be recycled, and where waste is a thing of the past. And we're not stopping until we get there. About Us In 1948, Visy started out in Melbourne as a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard boxes. From these modest beginnings, it has since grown to become one of the world's leading packaging, paper and recycling companies. Now, Visy employs over 5,500 staff and operates in over 120 sites across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam and trading offices across Asia, Europe and the USA. Visy also has a 'sister' company, Pratt Industries USA, which employs a further 3,500 staff in North America. Sustainability is at the heart of everything Visy does. As well as providing packaging to some of the world's best known brands, Visy also offers recycling solutions. It's our goal to meet the needs of our customers, while efficiently using and reusing scarce resources. So what makes a Visy packaging solution special? Well, it depends on who you ask. Our customers come from a wide range of industries, and we create packaging to suit their specific requirements. Visy packaging does everything from preserve and protect a product, to help enhance it. Beyond the actual manufacturing of products, Visy also runs collection and recycling services across Australia and New Zealand. This helps us to take responsibility for our products after they've fulfilled the purpose for which they were initially made. We work hard to reduce the waste that goes to landfill and minimise the use of water and energy. In Australia, we've been at the forefront of recycling for many years - in FY2012-13 alone, we processed recyclables from more than 3.2 million households. Pretty impressive stuff - especially when you take into account all the businesses, hospitals and schools we also work with. The actual impact Visy has on the world is huge. In FY2012-13 we produced more than 710,000 tonnes of fibre packaging, 576 million steel food cans, 1.4 billion beverage cans, 909 million beverage cartons, 1.8 billion PET containers and 927 million units of food plastics. So, no matter who you are or the type of lifestyle you lead, you're almost certain to have come into contact with Visy products. However the big numbers don't stop there - we're proud to say that in the same year we recovered over 1.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard, 343,000 tonnes of glass, 65,000 tonnes of plastics and 28,000 tonnes of metals (things like aluminium and steel cans) to be recycled and ultimately given a new life. It's all part of our goal to ensure we leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.