Cryovac® D-955 is the most versatile and reliable shrink film on the market

A Global Leader in fresh food packaging technologies For more than half a century, the Cryovac® brand food packaging business has been developing technologies tokeep food fresh, better tasting and more accessible. Our packaging technologies can be found across shopping aisles and in foodservice kitchens around the globe. Sealed Air Shrink Packaging is a leader in innovation,providing products that touch the every-day-lives of people all around the world. Sealed Air Shrink Packaging is your total solutions provider of high performance shrink films and quality shrink equipment. Cryovac® D-955 Shrink Film Market Leading Film for Over 25 Years Cryovac® D-955 is the most versatile and reliable shrink film on the market with the largest spectrum of applications. In addition to being the ideal film for unusually shaped objects and heavy products with sharp edges, Cryovac® D-955 film is unmatched for multi-packing applications. High performance impact, tensile and trim seal strength Retail ready clarity and gloss Seals well on thermal, trim and electrostatic systems Wide range of thickness available (52g - 150g) to accommodate various application requirements Cryovac® CT-300 Series Cryovac® CT-311 Cryovac® CT-500 Series Cryovac® CT-700 Series Cryovac® D-955 Cryovac® D-940 Cryovac® LD-935 Cryovac® BDF2001 Cryovac® D-955TK Cryovac® MPD 2055/2100 Cryova® RD-45 / RD-106 Cryovac® RD-202 Cryovac® SM570U