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Glue Dots - Sticky Dots - Glue Spots

As the name suggests, Glue Dots are tiny dots of adhesive or glue spots very similar to what you get on the back of your credit card, membership card or magnets attached to flyers when mailed to you. Glue Dots are the invisible solution with visible results for promotional material. They are preferred to tapes and hot melt glue using a glue gun. They are ideal for thousands of gluing applications such as mailing promotional attachments or assembling and packaging applications (adhering goods to packaging to stop slippage or movement) and even labelling. They are water clear in colour and are FDA approved for indirect food contact. For faster production, use an  Econodot Glue Dot Dispenser       

Glue Dots are available in 4 main tacks or Adhesive strengths.

  • Low Tack - Easily Removable 
  • Medium Tack - Removable
  • High Tack - Semi-Permanent 
  • Super High Tack - Permanent

**Please ask for a Free Sample by requesting one on the 'Questions' Tab above; please include your address.

**Please note that the Tack of Glue Dots is highly dependent on the surface to which they are attached to, we take no responsibilty if the Glue Dot doesn't work, Glue Dots are not for every application. To determine which is best for your requirements we highly recommend you try a sample as once boxes are opened they cannot be returned / refunded.**

Glue Dots come in either low profile (0.4mm high), medium profile (1.2mm high), and high profile (2.2mm) and are either 9mm diameter or 12mm diameter. Not all profiles are available in all tacks. 

 Glue Dots Brochure 




 Glue Dots Low Tack Safety Data Sheet


    Glue Dots Medium Tack Safety Data Sheet   



 Glue Dots High Tack Safety Data Sheet   


 Glue Dots Super High Tack Safety Data Sheet

   FDA Guarantee: Indirect Food Contact for all tacks


Glue Dot Gun Applicator

By: on 5 November 2018
Overall it is much faster to use than the box tape. The gun was easy to use. There are two rollers that feed the tape around ( brown and green). We found that the green roller would shift and as the rubber roller moved into the casing causing it to cease. When looking at the two rollers the brown roller came with a washer preventing that to happen. So I am not sure if that the design or when they assembled the gun they missed the washer.

These are great!

By: on 31 October 2018
We use these for sticking cutout letters to a backing sheet for 2pac spray painting and they work a treat. Sticky enough to hold but removable aswell

Glue Dots... Just as described!

By: on 2 August 2018
We purchased the glue dots after receiving prompt samples in the post. They worked great to adhere our gift card to some printed gloss postcards. Will certainly use again when needed. Thx

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Code: 5-GD-LT

Glue Dots - 9mm - Low Profile (0.4mm) - Low Tack - Box of 8000 dots

Code: 5-GD-MT

Glue Dots - 9mm - Low Profile (0.4mm) - Medium Tack - Box of 8000 dots

Code: 5-GD-HT

Glue Dots - 9mm - Low Profile (0.4mm) - High Tack - Box of 8000 dots

Code: 5-GD-HTS

Glue Dots - 9mm - Low Profile (0.5mm) - Super High Tack - Box of 8000 dots

Code: 5-GD-MT-12-M

Glue Dots - 12mm - Medium Profile (1.2mm) - Medium Tack - Box of 2000 dots

Code: 5-GD-MT-12-H

Glue Dots - 12mm - High Profile (2.2mm) - Medium Tack - Box of 1000 dots

Code: 5-GD-HT-12-M

Glue Dots - 12.7mm -Medium Profile (1.2mm) - High Tack - Box of 2000 dots

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