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Cardboard boxes, also known as cartons, come in various sizes, thicknesses, strengths, and configurations to meet the needs of various industries and applications. Our selection includes everything from the commonly used brown boxes or RSC (Regular Slotted Container), which are crafted from a single sheet of corrugated board with flaps meeting at the centre to create a standard shipping box, to uniquely designed Die Cut Cardboard Boxes tailored to your specific design preferences. Please refer to the "More Information" tab above for a comprehensive overview of the available carton range.

Whether you're looking for readily available cardboard boxes from our limited off-the-shelf range or seeking a customised solution, we're here to assist. We're thrilled to offer our expertise in helping you with designing and printing custom cartons, trays, or display stands that align perfectly with your specific needs and requirements.

  Technical Information about Corrugated Board

Our standard range of cardboard boxes is in the RSC style, the most common carton style. Our custom-made cardboard cartons are available in a range of styles. Some of the most common choices are pictured below. We can also design a carton specifically for your needs.

To accurately measure a custom-made carton, follow these steps:

1.  Internal Dimensions:  Always measure the internal dimensions of the carton for accuracy.
2.  Unit of Measurement:  Express dimensions in millimetres (mm) for precision.
3.  Length:  The first measurement is the Length, which corresponds to the longest side of the carton with a flap.
4.  Width: The second measurement is the Width, representing the shorter side with a flap.
5.  Depth: The third measurement is the Depth, measured without a flap. Exclude the flap when measuring.
When ordering custom cartons, consider the following:

1. Protective Material: Consider the protective materials needed for your products, such as bubble wrap, void fill, or paper. Allow extra space around the  products and adjust the measurements accordingly.
2. Box Tolerances:There is a slight variance in size (up to 1.5875mm) from carton to carton due to industry standards, allowing a total range of 3.175mm variation.

Select the appropriate carton style:

1. Regular Slotted Container (RSC): Common and versatile, with flaps on the top and bottom that meet at the centre when folded. Suitable for various products.
2. Full Flap Slotted Container (FFSC): Similar to RSC, with longer flaps that fully overlap, offering extra protection for heavier or fragile items.
3. Half Slotted Container (HSC): Similar to RSC, but with flaps on only one end for easier loading and unloading.
4. Snap or Self-locking Style Tray (SST): Features a self-locking mechanism, eliminating the need for tape. Ideal for small items like food and electronics.
5. Multi-Depth Auto-Lock Tray (MALTX): Similar to SST but with adjustable depth. Suitable for products of varying sizes.

Consider different board grades:

- Smaller cartons: Opt for B or C flute, which are the most commonly supplied.
- Larger cartons requiring more strength: Choose 1BC board grade.
- Available board grades include 4E, DWLE, 4B Super, 3B, 1B, 1B Super, 1WLB, 4C, 4C Super, 3C, 1C, 1C Super, 3WLC, 1WLC, 1BC, 1BC Super, and 1EC Super.


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Code: 6-CC-1

Cardboard Boxes 180mm x 180mm x 100mm (priced per box) Sold in bundles of 25

Code: 6-CC-2

Cardboard Boxes 320mm x 220mm x 180mm (priced per box) Sold in bundles of 25

Code: 6-CC-7

Cardboard Boxes 305mm x 305mm x 305mm (priced per box) Sold in bundles of 25

Code: 6-CC-3-A4

Cardboard Boxes 320mm x 220mm x 270mm (priced per box) Sold in bundles of 25

Code: 6-CC-4

Cardboard Boxes 355mm x 355mm x 355mm (priced per box) Sold in bundles of 25

Code: 6-CC-5-A3

Cardboard Boxes 440mm x 330mm x 280mm (priced per box) Sold in bundles of 10

Code: 6-CC-6

Cardboard Boxes 440mm x 440mm x 520mm (priced per box) Sold in bundles of 10

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