Tamper Evident Bands and Tamper Evident Shurtuff Mailers

Whether it be pharmaceutical products with tamper evident seals to prevent contamination, mailing an item sold on ebay, mailing confidential papers requiring uncompromised privacy or simply security taping boxed goods for evidence of tampering or theft, Get Packed can supply the right product.

When you require proof of purity or non-contamination we can supply tamper evident bands or seals, also known as shrink sleeves. Get Packed can arrange for these to be cut to any length or width, including perforations if required. We can also arrange for custom printing if you require. Shrink sleeves have the added benefit of also being able to be used for the collation of products, securing lids to bottles, and being able to be shrunk over odd shapes.

If you’re a Solicitor, Banker, Doctor or Accountant or simply selling something on ebay, anyone wishing to mail confidential papers, (in-house or externally) , or any items that require evidence of tampering and privacy, then tamper evident Shurtuff Mailers are in order. They are highly resistant to tearing and puncturing as well as being water resistant. They are made of multi-layered polyolefin film with a matte outside layer perfect for printing / handwriting/ or labelling. They have a self seal tamper resistant seal that keeps your contents secure. They are so secure that Banks often use them to seal and transport cash.

Alternately Get Packed Supplies printed tape that is printed with the words “Security Seal”. This type of tape is most often taped around a pallet or boxes so that evidence of tampering or theft becomes obvious. We also supply black pallet wrap which is very often used to conceal the identity of goods on a pallet.

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