How can we help the APC and the National Environment Protection Council?

The Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) is an ongoing comittment between industry and governments regarding sustainable packaging intiatives aiming to change the culture of businesses to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling and reduce packaging litter.
Recently there has been a renewed agreement and a new direction with a new plan commencing January 2017 which identifies priorities which align with the aims and goals of the APC over a 5 year period.

The new 5 year plan allows the APC to turn their attention to delivery - delivering environmental outcomes and delivering member value. Trish Hyde, Chief Executive Officer of the APC said "Our new strategic direction will focus on optimising resource use by supporting sustainable design and circular economies, reducing waste to landfill and creating a knowledge centre to enable industry leadership."

Get Packed can assist in providing packaging material that is environmentally friendly and can assist in using existing packaging better.

Consider these options:

Pre-Stretched Pallet Wrap to wrap your pallets - Not only does it reduce the pulling motion required by the handler due to it being pre-stretched, but being pre-stretched means much less plastic wrap is required. As a result we are reducing the amount of pallet wrap being used, but when being disposed of it scrunches up into a much smaller bundle.

Cellophane Bags - available in a range of sizes, cello bags are 90% biodegradable made from naturally occurring cellulose.

Corrugated Cardboard Rolls, cardboard boxes, cardboard angle boards to protect pallet corners/edges, cardboard mailing tubes, brown kraft paper for wrapping -  all of these items are not only degradable, most of them can be broken down in a Cardboard Shredder.

HSM Cardboard Perforator / Cardboard Shredder - this simple machine recycles all your unwanted cartons and cardboard by shredding them which can then be re-used as void fill or general protective packaging material.

Opus Mini Cushion System - uses biodegradable plastic film which is filled with air thereby creating your own void fill on demand.

EnviroBubble Bubble wrap, - along with Poly Foam Rolls are ideal for those who require the protection of bubble or foam whilst maintaining an environmental conscience as they are both strong enough to be re-used multiple times.EnviroBubble is available as an office sized rollEnvirobubble bags as well as Envirotube whilst rolls of Poly Foam come in 1200m's of either 1mm or 2mm thickness.

Please speak to us about ways we can help you find mor environmentally friendly alternatives.


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