Teflon Tape – Metal Detectable TEFLON® Coated Glass Tape

Metal Detectable Tape (MDT) is a Teflon-glass fabric adhesive backed tape for use on packaging equipment such as vacuum packing machines, shrink wrappers or heat sealers for plastic bags where metal detectors are used to can identify tape failures that could end up in end-user packages. MDT Teflon Tape is a Teflon-glass fabric with fine particles of metal embedded in the Teflon, with a silicone adhesive to provide a non-stick surface to heat seal against, or a slippery cover for chutes that transport foods or drugs. Providing protection against worn tape falling into a vacuum pouch, poly bag, shrink film or package and going undetected, this MDT Teflon tape can be identified by a metal detector before leaving the manufacturer’s production facility so is a most for food manufactures.

Available in slit rolls from 12mm to 1000mm wide by 30m long, Metal Detectable tape operates at 260ᴼC. Worn tape that has fallen into packages is detected before shipping to customers. Applications for MDT Teflon-glass fabric tape include the packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, and medical disposable industries.

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