Govt Rebate available when purchasing a cardboard perforator!

Did you know the NSW government has allocated $6m over 3 years to cover up to 50% of your cost of a cardboard perforating machine?

That's right. They're calling it the Bin Trim Equipment Rebates Program and it's available for eligible NSW businesses, councils and organisations for three years until the 30th June 2027, or until all funding is used.

The Program Objective: Is to offer up to $50,000 to cover up to 50% of the cost of equipment or technology that avoids, reduces, reuses or recycles waste - and it's aimed at getting small businesses to transition to a circular economy.

Who can apply? Businesses that have a valid ABN with one or more fully time employees in NSW, must have a commercial and industrial waster service at a site in NSW as well as send their commercial and industrial waste to landfill in NSW?.

Amongst other examples or equipment and technologies that may be funded is the Cardboard Perforator.

The Cardboard Perforator or converter uses excess cardboard - which is usually used and left over boxes from stock deliveries, and turns it into attractive perforated sheets of packaging material. Meeting the brief by re-using existing excess packaging material and recycling it into another form of packaging material.

The perforated cardboard becomes expandable (due to it's perforations) and performs as an alternative to bubble wrap and void filler. It is ideal for wrapping around odd shaped items, for example bottles - which it then protects by providing a durable cushioning wrap.

Call us today to discuss options or follow this link to view more information on our Cardboard Perforators , and follow this link for more information on the Bin Trim Equipment Rebates.

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