Another exciting plastic recycling story - Sunglasses!

Another good news story where there are people out there who care enough to recycle plastic!

Goodcitizens are using one 600mm single-use plastic bottle to make one frame of sunglasses - exactly.

According to the Goodcitizens website :
"Over 500 billion single-use bottles are made every year. Very few are recycled. Many of the remaining go to landfill or the ocean.
We ask ourselves, "Why can't we take a used plastic soft drink bottle and do something good with it?"

So Goodcitizen have gone the extra mile and produced Premium polarised or non-polarised lenses (which are not recycled) and paired them with fully recycled and recyclable frames - using no virgin plastic, no metal hinges or screw - just recycled PET. Even to the point where every part is replacable, even modular so that you can mix and match everything as it all clips together in seconds.

On top of this, Goodcitizen will pull the equivalent of 45 plastic bottles (which is 1Kg of PET bottles) out of the ocean for every pair of glasses sold through their NGO partner Proartso. Go to their website for more information Goodcitizens website 

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