Recycling Plastics 2023

So everyone has been a little confused as to how to recycle their soft plastics after REDCycle went into receivership. So what now?

There is now a number recycing companies like Recycle Smart, and Curby who works with your local council, APR Plastics and finally VIVA Energy who all work together to turn your old used soft plastics back into food grade plastic packaging. This is all part of the Australian National Target to have 50% recycled plastic in their packaging by 2025. (See our Article: "What is Australia doing when it comes to packaging and waste")

Amongst other things, Recycle Smart will take your soft plastics (for consumers only) and take them to your local council. After which point a company called APR Plastics in Victoria collect them and using their Biofabrik WASTX machine, break the plastic down at high temperatures and convert it into feedstock oil.

Then the oil is sent to VIVA Energy's Geelong refinery for further processing where it is then turned into a resin which then enables that to be turned into a food grade plastic packaging. Viva Energy along with a group of other Australian collaborative companies like Nestle, IQ Renew, Licella, LyondellBasell, REDcycle, Taghleef Industries and Amcor all got together to create the new 100% recycled metalised film. The Kit Kat wrapper.

Products sold by Get Packed that are recyclable are bubble wrap, all of our plastic bags, fill air packaging, shrink film and pallet wrap to name a few.

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