Gift Hampers - Let's make it easy

We're coming to that time of year when companies are preparing Christmas or Gift Hampers for clients or staff, and shops are getting them on the shelves preparing for their customers.

Let's make it easy for you.
If you view the video below Get Packed supplies an All In One Shrink Wrapper that would make wrapping gift hampers quick and efficient. We have a SeleCTech 455mm as well are larger or smaller models that will fit your hamper inside with ease.

To describe the video - you simply slide your hamper between the Centrefolded shrink film and then slide the hamper onto the sealing tray and let the All In One Shrink Wrapper do the rest. It will shrink and seal the film in one quick step - all done and completed with a professional finish.

The most commonly used shrink film used on gift hampers would be a  PVC Shrink film which has a strong crinkly and brittle feel. Another alternative is an Impact Shrink Film which has a high gloss and sheen whilst being a mulit-layered cross linked polyolefin which makes it more abuse and puncture resistant. Both are excellent choices with gift hampers

If you'd prefer to consider a second hand machine that has been cleaned and serviced by our inhouse service staff please look here:
Second Hand Packaging Machines.

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