New Phoenix Bubble Wrap with 50% Recycled Content

About to hit the shelves at Get Packed is the new Phoenix range of bubble wrap - still offering the same product protection with the same quality, but is made from 50% recycled content - the new symbol of sustainability.

What is Phoenix? Phoenix is a specially engineered material that is made up of 50% recycled content - it consists of at least 25% post-consumer recycled plastic waste and the other 25% post industrial recycle. This can result in a range of tones and varying shades from milky white - grey bubble, being testament to different types of waste that go into the recycling process. With Phoenix the Australian manufacturer will not only exceed the 2025 recycled content targets by 250%, promoting a circular economy, but more waste is being kept from landfill with the level of raw materials required and subsequent carbon emissions decreasing significantly. To top it all off, all recycled material is sourced and produced locally in Australia. 

As soon as existing old version stocks are exhausted the Phoenix range will be used with our rolls of bubble wrap, Handywrap (perforated every 400mm roll of bubble wrap in a box), Black Armour Bags - bubble padded mailer bags, as well as our White Armour Bags. This will be identfiable by the name Phoenix.

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