A new use for recycled plastic - board shorts!

The latest from Quicksilver - they're now making boardshorts from recycled bottles!

Well how does it work?

Repreve is the brand of fibre - which is basically made from plastic bottles, and this is what they've done.

  1. It starts with collecting and recycling plastic bottles
  2. Bottles are then broken down to form flakes of plastic
  3. The flakes are ground down, melted and formulated in REPREVE chips
  4. The chips are then melted and extruded into the unique REPREVE recycled fibre - which is then turned into the boardshorts sold by Quicksilver.

Basically plastic bottles are made from PET - which also goes in to make Polyester fibre. REPREVE make nylons, polyester and other stable fibres and have recycled over 10 billion plastic bottles so far.

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