Want to Save on a Ship Load of Money?

Consider requiring a number of rolls of bubble wrap - and they're all 1.5m tall. Sometimes the freight can cost more than the product, not to mention the storage space required to hold it. We have a product that can eliminate the cost of freight as well as any need for storage space to hold the bubble wrap.

The NewAir IB Express Packaging System

The NewAir IB Express Packaging System is an inflatable cushioning system that allows you to create your own bubble wrap on demand. The machine takes up not much more than half a square meter on a bench top so even the machine takes up no space - but entirely eliminates the need to pay for any shipping of bubble wrap as well as the space to store it.

The NewAir IB Express packaging system can produce bubblewrap at the rate of up to 16.5 meteres per minute so is certainly up to the task of keeping up with the average warehouse. Bubblewrap film comes in a variety of types (anti static, weight bearing, super heavy duty as well as standard) and in two widths - either 400mm or 800mm. Click on the link above for more detail and please call us to talk about how we can save you money.


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