What is REDcycle and how does Get Packed support it?

RED Group is a Melbourne based Australian consulting and recycling organisation who has developed and implemented the REDcycle Programe which is a recovery initiative for post consumer soft plastics. For most of us consumers it means that any soft plastics we have, such as plastic shopping bags, frozen food bags, bread bags, lolly bags and more, that we can't put into our Council kerbside recycle bins are able to be put into REDcycle bins which are located in Coles and Woolworth stores across the nation. REDcycle, with their partners, will recycle the plastic into new products.

So what happens then?
REDcycle have partnered with a number of companies to recycle this plastic waste and turn it into things like benches, decking, signage and much more.

So how does Get Packed support REDcycle?
We supply a number of products that can be recycled into the REDcycle bins.
It is important to note that ANY plastic product that is degradable or biodegradable CANNOT be put into REDcycle bins. Why? Because these products have been manufactured with additives that cause them to break down. This means they break down even before the recycling process can begin, making them no good for recycling.

If you want to do your bit for the environment the please consider the following products that can all be put into REDcycle bins:

NOTE - any recycling efforts using REDcycle bins are for small quantities only. They cannot acccept large volumes of soft plastics as bulk business drop offs would overwhelm their system and could jeopardise their programme. We suggest you contact companies like Veolia who support businesses with soft plastic collection and recycling.


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