Shrink Film

Get Packed supplies a wide range of Shrink Films that will suit our range of Shrink Machines which can also be be viewed on our Shrink Machines website -, or simply go to our Category call Shrink Wrappers . Our Shrink Films include the full range of Cryovac films and Opti shrink films that are distinguished by their range in gloss, clarity and puncture resistance, including our most recent addition the CT-301 ultra thin shrink film. All of our Cryovac shrink films are available in centrefold in a range of widths, including a specially slit single wound shrink film to suit all requirements. Alternatively if you're after the pallet wrap as opposed to our shrink film please go to the Category - Pallet Wrapping and Stabilisation.

Click on this link to see the Material Safety Data Sheet for CRYOVAC Shrink Films.