Best Packaging Choices & Practices to Protect Your Products against damage and loss

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Sometimes goods gets damaged or lost- whether it be with Couriers literally throwing boxes into the back of their vans and so boxes get separated and/or damaged, general rough and tumble of transit, packaging that get's squished (and so do your goods), or worse still - crushed!. Let's look at the best that packaging can offer so that all of this can be avoided so your goods arrive - all together - and intact .


This seems obvious, but you'd be surprised how simple this is for people to get wrong - and we're not talking about getting addresses incorrect.
It's important when you are sending mulitple parcels to one customer that each and every box is labelled with the destination - even though they may be all bundled together. Items such as a Direct Thermal Label Printer and Direct Thermal Labels are a must for any dispatch area. Not to mention, that if your items are fragile, or top load only - that they're labelled appropriately. See our range of Label Tape.

Strapping and Bundling

It's important to make sure your items are not only labelled correctly but bundled together well to avoid separation of parcels. For higher volume dispatching - such as warehouses a semi automatic strapping machine is the best choice. For low volume strapping together of parcels why not consider a plastic strapping kit (we also have steel and polyester strapping kits that may suit). Alternatively if you need portability then a battery operated hand strapping tool is a great choice. Follow any of these links to view videos on how to use these products.

Bubble & Padding Protection Packaging

Whilst not being able to prevent crushing of packages, any kind of padded or bubble protection in packaging will provide some cushioning against rough handling. All have slightly different features such as recycled content, blockout/secrecy, tamper proofing and flexibility of use.

  • Padded Mailer bags, such as Jiffy Lite Mailers (paper outer bubble inner)
  • Black or White Armour Padded Mailers (plastic outer, bubble inner) are products ideal for mailing where only light cushioning is required.
  • Bubble Wrap Rolls - available in large industrial size, or Handywrap - office sized with easy tear perforations, rolls of bubble wrap enable you to wrap larger products to provide protective cushioning, or to provide bubble protection in an economical way prior to placing inside a box or carton. The New IB Air Express Packaging system even allows you to create your own bubble wrap on demand.
  • Foam Rolls - used more to prevent scratching of goods, particularly when you have more than one item packaged together.
  • Void Fillers - used to fill the void inside boxes so that goods don't have room to move inside and otherwise prone to damage. Choices are bio-fill void chips which would be the most environmentally friendly choice, or make your own inflated air cushions with the Fill-Air Rocket which enables you to create your own 'on demand' void filler

Paper and Cardboard Packaging

  • Jiffy Padded Bags (kraft paper out, recycled shredded paper inner)
  • Jiffy Gusset Mailer Bag has been made from a heavy duty double walled white kraft paper with gussets on the side to allow for expansion.
  • Currogated Cardboard rolls are an environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap - with a slightly more rigid feel. The rolls make it easy to wrap around products due to its one ply of fluted paper and one flat layer of cardboard - with the fluting creating the padding that protects your products.

Most Rigid Packaging which resists bending and folding
This sort of packaging is used when your goods would be ruined if bent. Whilst not failsafe from being run over by a car, these products are almost the best (see below for the most failsafe) in protecting your products in transit.

  • Jiffy Rigi Mailers are made from an extra rigid kraft  laminated fibreboard that effecively resisit bending and folding.
  • Jiffy utility Mailers are constructed from a heavy duty double walled envelope
  • Cardboard Mailing Tubes commonly used to package posters and paper products, mailing tubes are a rigid form of cardboard packaging that can also be used to send any cylindrical item - from umbrellas & bottles to fishing rods. 
  • Cardboard Cartons are a basic form of packaging and available in a standard range of sizes as well as custom made. Whilst cardboard cartons are something you can put your item into - Its what protects your items inside the carton that's likely to provide the best protection. 

Best form of Protective Packaging 

There's really only a couple of different products that will provide you with a perfectly custom formed lock and brace so that your product can't move and is the most likely to arrive at it's destination without incident.
Instapak Foam In Place Packaging

  • Instapak Quick Bags are available in a range of sizes that when activated (by patting back and forth with your hands) allows the foam inside to expand. If you view the video on the link, Instapak Bags provide a custom fitted solid foam surround to prevent all movement and resist any crushing.
  • Instapak systems are available to suit a range of packaging volumes, situations and  budgets. Talk to our staff to discuss what may best suit your situation.

Korrvu Lok Compression and Suspension packaging are basically custom created cartons that use a unique patented low slip film combined with a corrugated backing that securely positions your product inside a cardboard carton.

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