Taping Machines – start your year more productive

It’s a new year and the perfect time to think about how you can be more productive in your workplace. Let’s look at the range of taping machines and how you can either have the same output with less effort or a higher output with the same (or even less) effort.

Electronic Tape Dispensers:
These are ideal where there are repetetive taping jobs -  for high production printing facilities, contract packers or those who produce marketing material that requires lengths of tape (including double sided tape, cloth tape, filament and many more). These are a massive time saver and will save you a lot in time and in costs associated with time.

We have the M-1000 that will automatically dispense a pre-determined length (from 20mm-999mm) of tape (even double sided tape) at the push of a button.
The ZCUT-9 that will do the same, but with two rolls of tape at once. It can store up to 6 different lengths in memory and features a photo electric eye for precision lengths.
The Z-CUT-2  does the same as the others, but places the tape lengths onto a rotating carousel for one or more users. It can be used with tape from 3-25mm.

Water Activated Tape Dispensers:
Once again will dispense a pre-determined length of tape. Available in both a manual and an electronic model. Both will wet the tape to activate the adhesive. Both save you a lot of time in dispensing the tape, whilst being a water activated tape the tape adheres to the box and makes it more secure and pilfer proof – and to top it off the tape is paper and is environmentally friendly too.
We have the Manual BP 222 which will dispense 25cm of water activated tape each time the lever is pushed down. We also have the Manual BP 333 which is also manual, but you can choose up to 15 pre-set tape lengths of water activated tape at the pull of a lever. Lastly we have the Electronic BP 555 which has 14 pre-set length setting from 15cm-145cm that dispense water activated tape and the push of a button.

Automatic Taping Machines:
These are high-speed double sided tape applicators for high volume tape applications and are available in 3 sizes. Each can be adjusted to take different sized tape heads for different width tapes, and can take multiple tape heads

The ATM460: Comes with 2 tape heads but can fit up to 4 heads. Ideal for applying double sided tape to point of sale products such as wobblers or shelf talkers.
The ATM700: This can fit printed material up to 700mm wide, making it ideal for poster sized material. It comes standard with 2 tape heads, but an additional 4 can be added (up to 6 tape heads). An automatic feeder can be added for material 390mm wide for even faster production.
The ATM1050: This is for larger format material up to 1050mm wide, such as posters and banners and features a transmitter and receptor photo optic cell sensing system. Comes standard with 2 tape heads but can accommodate up to 8 tape heads.


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