Tamper Evident Packaging - what are the choices?

In todays market consumers are very savvy when it comes to needing assurance that the item they have purchased is safe and intact. At Get Packed we like to supply not only products, but solutions. So keeping this all in mind, below are some possible solutions that meet not only the need of assurance your customers require, but professional and upmarket looking packaging alternatives.

Shrink Sleeves
As far as your customer is concerned they just want to know that no-one before them has opened this container or jar. They want to know that the food contents are safe from contaminents as well as any tampering. PVC Shrink Sleeves are a clear tamper proof plastic sleeve that when shrunk provides that seal that when broken indicates tampering. Shrink sleeves can be pre-cut, perforated or non-perforated and come in a range of widths. The are simply placed over the top of the jar and 'shrunk' using either a heat gun or shrink tunnel (see video below). They can be used by both small operators (applying by hand) or larger operators in production lines.

Clear Circle Labels
Clear Circle Labels, also known as Tamper Proof Security Labels are available as either perforated or non-perforated. Whilst the non-perforated variety are often used as a professional finish to packaging, as well as a closing tab, the perforated are used to identify tampering. If the perforated tamper seals are removed they break apart so tampering becomes obvious.

Tamper Seal Tape/Tabs 
These tabs are commonly placed over the corners or edges of products. When they are removed or broken what is left is a message that says "OPEN VOID", identifying that the product has been tampered with.

Shrink Film
Shrink Film is the plastic film that is commonly used to seal many goods as a form of security. It is also used to assure customers that, when the shrink film is intact, the goods have not been tampered with and everything they have paid for is there (not lost or detached). 

Shurtuff Mailer Bags
These courier bags are most commonly used in on-line sales dispatching for soft items. They are popular as they are light (so minimum cost of postage) and have a tamper proof seal that cannot be opened without obviously damaging the packaging. Shurtuff mailers are made of a mulit-layered polyolefin film that is puncture and tear resistant.

Water Activated Tape
This kind of tape is used on cardboard cartons and activated through contact with water - that is - when the gum is moistened (through using either manual or electronic water activated taping machines) and applied to the carton it simply makes the carton pilfer proof - where any attempt to access the carton is clearly obvious as it would tear due to the superior adhesive qualities of water activated tape.For additional strength, water activated tape is also available  with 3 way filaments laminated between the layers of paper.

To discuss what form of protective tamper proof packaging would suit your needs please feel free to contact us directly.

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