So Why DON'T you have a Strapping Machine?

Instead of asking why you need one – we ask - why don’t you?

Problem: Every time you have to manually strap a box together or a couple of boxes together it may take you a couple of minutes to get the strap around the box or boxes, insert the strap into the tensioning tool – tension - apply a clip – then cut the strapping, which can be fiddly. You may even only use buckles – in which case you still have to manually hook the strapping through the buckles before you strap and these are best used for lighter loads.

Problem: Picking up your boxes from the ground may involve heavy lifting and if not done correctly can create some Occupational Health and Safety issues just on their own.

Let’s address these issues:

  • It takes approximately 5 seconds to strap a box – Saving you in time and efficiency
  • Boxes are simply placed on top of the strapping machine at table level therefore eliminating the need for bending (and OH & S issues involved with that).
  • Bundling items together with correctly tensioned strapping will keep your items more secure (i.e. not getting separated)
  • Bundling items together will save you in freight costs as it reduces the number of packages requiring coupons for delivery – therefore saving you money
  • It costs you approximately 2 cents per cycle of strapping – and the amount of strapping used for each bundle will always be correct
  • For the cost of a new strapping machine you can save in time, efficiency, no more separated packages, no more frustrations and in the end it simply pays for itself!

Strapping machines create so many efficiencies when it comes to strapping goods together for transport - and storage - that we recommend it for every warehouse and company that sends out packages.

Call us to discuss your options and cost savings with a strapping machine. We accept trade-ins (old for new) and we also supply refurbished second hand strapping machines.


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