The Millenial Generation and Packaging

The Millenials (previously known as Gen Y 20-35 yr age group) are the latest group that marketers are trying to understand, especially considering they are the largest generation by population size.

Millenials are self confessed foodies with nearly 58% saying they cook for fun atleast once a week. They have a unique sense of self, have an optomistic view of life and an untraditional approach to life stages. Therefore how can Brands use packaging to reach out and engage this group?

Firstly they are the newest generation to grow up with the internet and digital technology and are considered to spend on average approx 25 hours per week online and are relying heavily on mobiles and tablets to research and purchase goods.

2. Convenience is a huge factor - they 'must have it now' and will consider the convenience of packaging when deciding on which product they're prepared to pay for. As a priority packaging should focus on:

  • convenience on consumption straight from the packaging
  • packages that provide convenient portions
  • resealable is better - especially for larger portions

3. Millenials like to experiment so are liklier than other groups to try out new ingredients, flavours or even methods - so creating packaging around this idea can be key in engaging this group. Consider limited edition collections....

4. Authenticity is a plus. Millenials want information - whether it be about the origins of a product or just more detail. Therefore packaging needs to be open and honest with information and consider ways of providing this information in a unique way - consider QR codes, providing recipes.

5. Personalise packaging in a way that this generation feels that it was created for their interests in mind - not just their wallets. This generation is interested in having a say in how products are created and developed.

6. Consider sustainability. There is world wide market growth in sustainable packaging and particularly topical for the Millenial group. Whilst they are not actively searching for sustainable packaging - many of them will choose and pay for packaged goods that visibly make this choice.

Speak to one of the staff at Get Packed to assist you in making packaging choices that keep these things in mind. We have an environmentally friendly range of packaging as well as items that meet some of the 'resealable' criteria as well as convenience.

This article has been inspired by a Blog post from Matthews Australasia written by Trent Munro who is a Product Manager of Coding Technologies.


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