Strapping Machines - Zapak Tools, manual strapping kits or semi-automatic machines-How to choose?

When it comes to strapping items together how do you decide on what to spend or which one will work best for you? I guess you need to know what products are our there and how much they cost and the advantages and benefits of one over another.

Let's start with a manual strapping kit. Manual strapping is best done when you have relatively low volume strapping requirements as it is a manual job that takes a couple of minutes. Strapping Kits are available in both plastic strapping kits and metal strapping kits and both come with everything you need to enable you to strap items together usually for storage or transport - enabling products or packages to be bundled together securely. They come in varying strap widths and include (for plastic strapping kits) plastic strapping, plastic seals, tensioner as well as a crimper/sealer. For metal strapping kits they include a roll of the metal strapping , open metal seals, crimper/sealer, tensioner and strap dispensers. Clicking on the links will allow you to see prices.
The advantage of a strapping kit is that they are pretty fool hardy and simple to use and to restock seals or strapping is fairly inexpensive. All of the tensioners and crimper sealers are very tough and likely to last a very long time. Also we do the thinking for you so you don't have to figure out what you need. We also show video's that show you how to use the kits - even easier!

Alternatively the next step would be a semi-automatic strapping machine. Plastic Machine Strap is used on these and they come in rolls of 3000m and have a breaking strain of 120kg. Already you can tell that a machine is more beneficial where there are higher volumes of strapping done. The machine will automatically adjust the tension on the strap around the package and will use heat to form the seal - and it's all done in a couple of seconds. The benefit is that they are extremely easy to use and very efficient. Get Packed provides PDF's on specifications and manuals as well as a video demonstraion on how they are used. Depending on the make and model they are usually priced around the $1200 - $1500, but good second hand one's could be picked up for half the price.

Lastly there is a Zapak strapping tool. The advantage is that they are small, lightweight and the battery operated Zapak Strapping Tools are portable too. They all use high friction to create the seal on the strapping so no seals or buckles are required. They are available as either electric, cordless battery and pneumatic (requiring an air compressor) and use either plastic strapping or polyester depending on the machine. The choice depends on whether you require your strapping machine to be portable (eg, timber yard), and whether you have space for a strapping machine. Lastly your choice is cost and the Zapaks start at around $1000 and go over $3000. They work on a range of strap widths and are considered hardy and a great investment. 


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