3 Reasons why Investing in a Pallet Wrapper Saves you Money

So how can the outlay of money actually save you money? Here's 3 ways how spending money on a pallet wrapper can save you money and make you more efficient.

One - Staffing

Imagine you have a number of staff who's job involves, (amongst other things) manually wrapping pallets. Over time your business expands and you have a thought of employing extra staff to cover the higher workload. Alternatively - instead of investing in another staff member, why not consider purchasing a pallet wrapping machine. This could do all the pallet wrapping that any of the staff were doing, so freeing their time to do other work - all without the costs associated with employment, (wages, superannuation ,sick leave, holiday leave), as well as eliminating OH & S as a risk with hand pallet wrapping.

Two - Save on pallet wrap/ save the environment

Consider the cost of pallet wrap - and also the cost of pallet wrap to the environment. With a pallet wrapper you can reduce your usage of wrap by up to 66% compare to wrapping by hand. If you work it out - the saving you would make on pallet wrap reduces the cost of the pallet wrapper and may even pay it off over time.

Three - Safety and assurance

With a pallet wrapping machine you can rest easy knowing that your pallet has been efficiently and tightly wrapped thereby reducing the chance of stock falling off trucks and being damaged - and having to cover this cost too. And your customer satisfaction and trust increases as your wrapping integrity improves too.



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