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Pallet wrapping machines uses a stretch film to wrap pallets and improve the stability of your products during storage and transport. Pallet wrappers or stretch wrapping machines are availble in two main styles the first being the more popular Turntable Wrappers or the Orbital Wrappers. Turntable wrappers such as the IM series of pallet wrappers consists of a turntable in which the pallet sits and spins and a mast that houses the film carriage which moves the stretch film up and down to evenly apply the stretch film in the desired configuration, On an Orbital wrapper the pallet will sit still and the film carriage spins around the pallet wrapping and secureing the load.

Sydney based Get Packed (02) 9452-3566 supply a large range of pallet wrapping machines from simple manual trolley models like the Goodpack R Wrapper, Australian designed IM (excell) Pallet Wrappers which are semi automatic and are two of the best valued stretch wrapping machines available in the country, through to the American Lantech Pallet Wrappers which are arguably the best in the world.
We also supply associated products like robotic pallet wrapping machines and pallet lift elevators which elevate a pallet so that it can be manually wrapped.

Often we have a range of second hand pallet wrappers available for sale or rent and Get Packed have inhouse service staff that are available for servicing.




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