Glue Gun, Glue Dots, Transfer Tape or Double Sided Tape: What works best and can we make this simpler and more productive?

There are quite a few choices when considering how to make things stick together. It may not only be a case of how well it sticks, but is it convenient? Is there a different, cheaper, and simpler way? Can I make this process quicker and more productive?

Glue Dots

Sometimes all your application needs is a dot of glue, or a line of dots. Glue dots come in either a box, come in a range of tacks from removable to permanent, but also come on a smaller roll that goes into a Dot Shot Pro (glue dot applicator gun – best when wanting to apply a line of dots).
Compared to using a glue gun, there is no waiting time (like waiting for a glue gun to heat up), there is no mess that can comes with using liquid glue. It can be super quick, simple, and cost effective if this is all you need the glue for.

Examples of uses

  • applying magnets or business cards to promotional material
  • applying samples to products
  • apply a simple attachment to anything


Transfer Tape

This is something that not many people consider as an alternative to either Glue Dots or Hot Melt Glue (glue guns). Transfer tape can allow you to apply a predetermined width of adhesive using a transfer tape gun (much the same as the gun used with glue dots) with absolute consistency. It is available in a range of tacks.
Compared to using a glue gun, or glue dots – once again there is no waiting time (like waiting for a glue gun to heat up), there is no mess that can come with using liquid glue. Whilst Glue dots will give you a dot of adhesive, this cannot be done with transfer tape, but transfer tape is very quick and efficient when needing to apply a line of adhesive.

Examples of uses

  • apply paper/flyer to promotional material
  • commonly used by printers for promotional applications


Double Sided Tape

This is much the same as transfer tape as an alternative to glue dots or hot melt glue (glue guns), except there is a liner on both sides of a length of tape that has adhesive on both sides. It allows you absolute consistency when it comes to the amount of adhesive you are applying, and comes in a range of tacks and materials from foam, cloth, tissue, polyester and PVC double sided tapes
Compared to using a glue gun, glue dots, or transfer tape – As double sided tape has a liner on both sides of the tape (and is not simply a line of adhesive like transfer tape), this means the tape can be applied to anything (example a poster), and then the item can be transported elsewhere for application as the liner on the other side is still covering the adhesive. On arrival or anytime later, the liner is removed, and the adhesive is exposed for application so that two items can be stuck together.

Examples of uses

  • posters
  • woblers and point of sale promotional material
  • book binding


Glue Guns

Are best when hot melt liquid glue is the only thing that works and when you need flexibility with applications or high output. Glue guns come in all shapes and sizes from light weight, low heat – ideal for craft work through to heavy duty, industrial, high output, variable temperature glue guns that have all the attachments.

  • some glue guns are battery powered or gas powered, allowing for portability
  • There are different nozzles available allowing for different applications – small dots, large dots, lines, even spray nozzles
  • Some take glue sticks only, others take all types – glue slugs, pellets, pillows or sticks
  • Variability and control of heat and output
  • Can be used for most adherence applications

Compared to using a glue gun, glue dots, transfer tape or double sided tape – Glue guns and hot melt glue will cover all applications and do everything that all the other options do. The flexibility of glue guns and application of hot melt liquid glue is unsurpassed – with all tacks and types of glue available. On the negative, you are dealing with waiting times associated with heating glue and the inconvenience associated with liquid glue.

Examples of uses

  • Securing closed cardboard cartons, all packaging and assembly
  • Industrial and manufacturing applications
  • Crafting and general household use
  • Shop fittings and exhibition displays

For more information on any of these items please follow any of the links. Alternatively for more information on what Glue Gun is best for you please read our article:
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