The proof is in the packaging - Tamper evidence

Well – the proof really is in the packaging! If the packaging has been tampered with then product safety can no longer be guaranteed. This is especially critical with food products and is becoming increasingly demanded by consumers across the board.

What is tamper-evident packaging?
This is where there is an obvious barrier to entry into a product which when breached or missing indicates that tampering has occurred.

Why is tampering an issue?
Unfortunately, today’s world is a very scary place and we just can’t take risks that if a product has been opened – then we really can’t consume it. This can be extremely costly to manufacturers and suppliers alike who can be open to litigation if things go awry.

One of the simplest and affordable options is shrink sleeves. Shrink Sleeves – or tamper evident security seals are a plastic sleeve that is placed over the top (usually the lid) of a product, which is then shrunk using a heat gun so that it snugly fits the package. The only way to remove them is to break the seal. For other alternatives in tamper resisitant packaging, please follow this link.

What can Get Packed do to help?
Staff at Get Packed are well versed in the use and application of shrink sleeves and can provide valuable advice on sizes and applications. We can arrange for shrink sleeves to be made to order and supply all the associated products that will help you provide the need for security for your product and your customers. Alternatively we can discuss other types of packaging to assist in tamper proofing your products.


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