What to look at when your pallet wrapper stops working

When your pallet wrapper stops working there are a number of things you can look a yourself which might solve your issue quickly and without having to call and wait for a technician.

Let's go through the steps:

  1. Check it's attached to power and turned on. Sounds basic, but it could be as simple as a detached power cord.
  2. Check that any emergency stops have been deactivated. Most pallet wrappers have an emergency stop button which will stop the pallet wrapper instantly in the case of an emergency. If this isn't deactivated then you won't be able to get the machine moving again.
  3. Ensure something hasn't activated any safety switches. Sometimes if a door isn't closed properly then this can cause a safety switch to activate - check everything is closed/attached as they should be.
  4. Trouble shoot the machine by running a test diagnosis through the main screen options. Often pallet wrappers can do a self diagnosis to determine where issues lie. If you do this then you may be able to identify the issue before making a phone call.
  5. Often a diagnosis test will provide an error code - use this code and refer to your pallet wrapper manual as this will provide advice about what to do next. It could be that you have pallet wrap stuck under the turntable, or you've simply got too heavy a load.
  6. If all else fails - call Get Packed and we can arrange one of our inhouse technicians to come and have a look at your machine and provide advice. Ph 02 9452-3566.

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